Why Does Life Seem Unfair? Five Unfair Things About Life

There are times when you might ask yourself, “Why does life seem unfair?” Why does life have to be so complicated? Why can’t it be so much easier?. We all know life is not perfect for everybody. We have our good days and bad days. Things we plan out may not always work out as intended.

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It’s time to get over it & move on

Last year, my cousin and her fiancé were supposed to get married. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 concerns, they postponed their wedding. They don’t have a date yet but probably won’t happen until later this year. It sucks for my cousin and her fiance, but hey, life is not fair.

My cousin and her fiance know how much that feels. You see, each of their parents got divorced at a young age. So they had to deal with typical problems that come along after a divorce takes place. Fortunately, they have loving families who get along with very well. Both of them are nice people and I always wish them the best.

Five things to know about life

I didn’t observe much of what my cousin went through over the years. Based on what Lili’s mother and my grandmother tell me, she’s one tough cookie. She’s been able to get through common challenges and lives her life to the fullest.

Although I don’t see her often, Lili is someone I admire because she knows that life doesn’t come that easy. Kudos to her as she’s experienced a lot more things (good and bad) than I’ve ever encountered.

This situation is one personal example I’m familiar with but ties well to why life is not fair all the time. Whatever type of problems you face (personal or professional), there are some things you should keep in mind. 

In this post, I will go over five facts about why life can be unfair at times. I will bring it all together towards the end, and remind you of what you can do moving forward.

People have better strengths than others

Why does life seem unfair- Man on a hike

Let’s face it: Not everybody is born equal with the same set of talent. Some people will naturally be better in some areas. It’s what makes life diverse and not as boring. People will have equal opportunities to gain new talent, but may not be the best in the long-run.

In the case of sports, not everybody will excel in one sport. Two people can practice basketball and end up having the same amount of time and hours to get trained for it. It’s possible one person can be better than the other. 

That person can excel and have a raw talent for playing basketball. On the other hand, the other person may not have that type of talent. In that case, the person without that rare talent is better off spending their time in something they can excel in.

Achieving a high level of success requires time and effort to see the results come about. There will be bumps down the road, while other days you’ll see great results. Luck may be something we like to think of, but it doesn’t always factor into people becoming super successful. 

Eric T. Seil


For my potential business, there are some things I want to outsource (hire more people) to do things I’m not the best in. For example, learning social media marketing is not difficult; however, it requires a lot of time and effort to monetize my social media accounts. I may know the basics of posting my content, but not as stellar if I were to hire social media strategists.

As my business grows (like many of them), I will delegate and outsource tasks that I’m not super talented in. It’ll open up more time on hand while focusing my energy on doing meaningful work. Social media is one area I likely would outsource because it’s not my best strength. Maybe I’m not a social media expert, so I’ll hand over that work to those who have the rare talent in that area.

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Massive success is NOT a result of luck

Why does life seem unfair- Hands on dice

Becoming massively successful in life is possible, but it takes hard work and effort to achieve high levels of success. You can’t put in little work in one day that results in plenty of money in return. It’s impossible to become rich overnight (unless you win the lottery).

Achieving a high level of success requires time and effort to see the results come about. There will be bumps down the road, while other days you’ll see great results. Luck may be something we like to think of, but it doesn’t always factor into people becoming super successful. 

In some cases, luck can play a role. But for the most part, luck can either work for you or against you. I don’t know anybody who has achieved massive success based on luck. The people I know worked hard to become successful in their professions. The same situation applies to me. I’m not where I’m at yet due to a lack of luck, but I will be at some point down the road.

Your environment can play a role in the decisions you make

Your surroundings may determine the type of path you end up in. That’s the case for most people, and it’s important to keep that in mind. 

So if you’re friends end up going to college, you probably will as well. If you don’t go, you’ll be seen as the odd one out. Or in other cases where peer pressure plays in, you’ll end up doing those things as well.

What I’ve learned over time is to surround myself with others who support and uplift me. I like being around like-minded people because it makes me feel happy. Also, it encourages me to be creative if I’m in the best mood. When I’m in situations where I’m challenged, the bars are set to a higher standard. It pushes me to go further and open my mind up to new things.

People tend to interact and work with others they know

In some cases, favoritism plays a major role in family relationships. People are more likely to help family and friends in some situations. Whether it’s running errands or helping them find jobs, it’s more likely to happen as a result of their relationships.

Why does life seem unfair- Judge handle

This type of situation is referred to as nepotism. This practice has been around for a long time and will continue to do so. Whether it’s in business, politics, or entertainment, it continues to be practiced somehow in ethical manners. Maybe it’s not always ethical, but it happens a lot.

We like to think that choosing who to interact and work with is based on merit. It should be a fair system regardless of. But it doesn’t always work that way. Some companies may prohibit employers from hiring family members, but nepotism still exists to a larger degree today.

As practiced throughout history, people are more likely to help family and friends because of prior knowledge and trust. If you believe a relative or friend is equipped to do a job, you’ll most likely pick them to take on the work. More so, the people we know best are the ones we’re likely to interact with regularly.

Rewards come through results, NOT on efforts

Why does life seem unfair- Notes

I always thought putting in much effort would get me to my end goals. But it doesn’t always work that way. The amount of time and effort you put into a business can be worthwhile. However, the results may not turn out what they’re meant to be. If that’s the case, you won’t be rewarded.

When building a business (whether online or offline), the results don’t rely on how much effort you put in. Rather, how much value did you provide to others? How did your product or service help improve the lives of your customers? If those turn out to be positive results, you may end up generating a lot of revenue.

It’s important to note that people don’t use your services because you’re a hard-working person. It’s based on the quality and value of the services that will drive results in the end.

Remember that you don’t deserve to be “rich” because you worked so hard in building your business. Or, if you’re an employee looking for a promotion, you don’t deserve it because you’re a nice person. It’s not how it should work, and it’ll never work if you think that way.


At this point, it’s clear to say that life is unfair sometimes. The things we believe should work don’t always turn out to be that way. There’s a difference between what we want to think, and what takes place in life.

If we can understand this difference, the sooner we realize that living in a perfect world shouldn’t be the end goal. We can start making changes in life that can lead to better outcomes.

The points I laid out earlier can lead to a better understanding of how life is portrayed. Understanding these realities can help us live better lives while knowing things won’t always work in our favor.

Don’t aim to be perfect; instead, continue to learn, experience, and improve from your mistakes. That way, you can live a better life today than you did yesterday. If you can do that, you’re one step further in the right direction.

Is life treating you unfairly right now? Which one of these points resonates with you the most? 

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2 thoughts on “Why Does Life Seem Unfair? Five Unfair Things About Life”

  1. What a fascinating read and I totally agree with you that life can be so unfair. When I look back through my life I see moments of favoritism and times when no one was willing to help me and I had to make my own luck. So I developed an attitude of learning so that I could create the opportunities that I wanted and that has really worked for me. 

    When you understand that we all get help from our connections then it can be easier to move towards our goals using their help. I wasn’t allowed to go to university and it made me feel that I was inferior to others and yes a little jealous that they had the chance. But now I can see that I tried harder and smarter and am now successful. And along the way, I helped a lot of other people get what they wanted, a win-win.

    Great thoughts.

    • Hi Lily!

      Thank you for sharing your comment. I get what you’re saying- no one likes favoritism to work against them. It’s not fair: but at the same time, it gives you the opportunity to learn new things. You took the alternative and took another route. I applaud you for that.

      I agree that getting help from our connections makes thing go by smoother. Whenever I need help from time to time, I make sure to reach out to my network. We all need help every now and then- it can help get us closer to achieving our goals in life.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts- much appreciated!


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