Word of The Week: Verbose (August 24-30, 2020)

Verbose (August 24-30, 2020)

Word of the Week: Verbose

  • Verbose – containing more words than necessary; wordy

Verbose- 1

Quote of the Week

  • Life maroons the hesitant but inspires the brave. – Thomas Dooley

Verbose- 2

Life Principle of the Week

  • Tenacious – Persistent, never give up

Verbose- 3

I do the best I can not sound wordy when I write. It’s important to keep it as simple as possible- when you’re writing any type of content.

Also, tenacious is the correct term I wasn’t aware of until recently. But being persistent is key to long-term success, regardless of your situation. If you’re not persistent at something, you’re not going to get too far in life.

What are your thoughts about these terms for this week?

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