Tom Woods Liberty Classroom: A Student Review

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Have you ever been skeptical about the materials you learned back in high school? Well, look no further than a program called Liberty Classroom. The Tom Woods Liberty Classroom program is an excellent resource for truthful knowledge on a variety of subjects. Taking these courses will help you be more informed and confident when you’re around other people.

Tom Woods Liberty Classroom

Are you tired of being surrounded by others who spit out false information and myths, but know that your viewpoints are correct?   In this post, I will do a brief review of Liberty Classroom. The following points I will discuss include:

1.) Liberty Classroom Overview

2.) Who Is Liberty Classroom For? Why Should I Take It?

3.) Membership Benefits

4.) Rating

Tom Woods Liberty Classroom: Overview

Tom Woods Liberty Classroom

Liberty Classroom is an online program with a wide selection of audio and video lectures. These lectures cover subjects ranging from history, economics, philosophy, and political theories. As mentioned earlier, the program is created by Tom Woods, a historian and the host of The Tom Woods Show. He is a very well-known figure in libertarian circles and known for doing well in debates. Other instructors teach courses in the program, including Bob Murphy, Brian McClanahan, Kevin Gutzman, and many more.

Tom Woods Liberty Classroom: Courses

Some of the courses I took and enjoyed include the Western Civilization periods (pre-1500 and post-1500), along with US history (before 1877 and after). There were a few things that I was not aware of while taking the courses, and I had a fond appreciation of what I learned from them. My favorite section is the one on The 10 Worst and 10 Best Presidents. I'm not sure about you, but the stuff I learned in my history classes was presidential idolatry. When in reality, a lot of horrible things happened under past presidents. For example, Abraham Lincoln is considered to be one of the best presidents. But when you go through the courses I took, you learn some uncomfortable truths about what went on during his presidency. So I got a kick out of these courses.

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Tom Woods Liberty Classroom: Who is it for?


Liberty classroom is for anyone interested in real history, libertarianism, economics, and debunking fallacies that the left and the right have promoted over the years. If you’re like myself, I became skeptical of the education I received in my K-12 and college education years. I reflect over time and realize there are a lot of things that were not covered in my time sitting in a classroom. Those of us who went through public education received politically correct history, Keynesian-style economics, and information that promotes silly and dangerous ideas. For instance, pure free-market economics didn't matter in public schools, and for the most part, it’s not emphasized in higher education as well. Luckily, it’s not too late to learn the truth and become more knowledgable on topics that are relevant today.

Tom Woods Liberty Classroom: Membership Benefits

Some of the benefits of Liberty Classroom include monthly (live) Q & A sessions that Woods facilities with members. So if you’re curious about a course in particular, or you have ideas for new classes to an add-on, use these sessions to your advantage. New courses are coming out, and they get better with quality over time. Also, the audio and video files are not too long- they are the equivalent of a commute size length (30-55 minutes). So use your commute time to learn the history on your way in and from work- you be amazed at how much you can learn listening between 1-3 courses a day.



Rating: 9/10

Liberty Classroom is the solution to all the misinformation fed to you back in school. You see what’s going on around the world. It's easy to get frustrated being around others believing in the propaganda spoon-fed to them. As mentioned earlier, you can put aside a little time each day to listen to courses on your daily commute.

Beginning today, learn something that you were supposed to have gotten back in high school. As Woods himself has done well over the years, become a better debater when you’re out and about in public.

Are you ready to become a better debater among your friends?

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Happy Learning!

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