The Top Online Learning Platform

The Top Online Learning Platform: Skillshare (2020)

Product: Skillshare
Price: $99 Annual Membership (First Two Months of Premium Option FREE)
Type of Program: Education; Learning
Rating: 9 out of 10

Have you ever thought about learning a new skill that will make you more valuable? Whether it's working on a promotion, a side hustle, or a new hobby, there are resources available. In the digital age, there are many learning programs online. But there's one that I believe goes above and beyond a learner's expectations. The top online learning platform in 2020 is Skillshare. This learning community is my favorite center to take online courses and increase my skill set.

The Top Online Learning Platform: Skillshare

Let's face it: the current education system is antiquated (very outdated). It seems that the statistics I see on some news sites are behind despicable. If you've read or watched my content, I'm always talking about investing in your human capital. You never know if you'll get laid off and find yourself out of work at some point. Skillshare addresses some of those concerns, which is why it's my go-to place for online learning. In this post, I will do a brief overview of the following points on Skillshare:

A.) What is Skillshare?

B.) Skillshare Course Recommendations

C.) Plans & Pricing

D.) My Overall Experience & Thoughts


The Top Online Learning Platform: What Is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers thousands of classes in photography, freelancing, video production, copywriting, and much more. Since it launched in 2010, the platform fits curious and creative individuals looking to expand their current knowledge of skills. Skillshare initially started with 15 self-paced, e-learning courses; several years later, they have an enormous library with over 27,000 courses available in a wide array of subjects. 

If I can think of a good analogy, Skillshare is kind of like the “Netflix of Education.” Even though the classes are not accredited (through subscriptions), the platform has helped fill a gap within the broken education system today. Not all instructors are well-known, but some notable instructors include:

  •  Barbara Cochrane (Entrepreneur; a judge on Shark Tank)
  •  Guy Kawasaki (Marketing Specialist; former employee of Apple)
  •  Gary Vaynerchuk (Entrepreneur; social media marketing strategist)
  •  Young Guru (Legendary Audio Engineer; worked with artists including Mariah Carey,   Kanye West, and Jay-Z)

Skillshare Overview


All of the courses on Skillshare are in video format. Some of the classes have projects or follow-up exercises to go along with the lessons. The lessons are easy to follow and designed for going at your own pace. There are options to rate the courses, such as beginner, intermediate, or more advanced levels.

Courses I've Taken

As a Skillshare user during the last few years, I've taken some neat classes that enhanced my knowledge in several areas. I'm currently taking some courses in productivity, video production/editing, and freelancing services. My favorite ones include:

  • Real Productivity: Create Your Ideal Week (by Michael Karnjanaprakorn, Skillshare Founder)

The Top Online Learning Platform- 1

  • Video Content Creation Series by Peter BVC CO (Broken Visionary Collective, Video Content Creation Strategist).      The Top Online Learning Platform- 2I enjoyed Peter's video courses because it helped me set up my Youtube channel last year. I'm still in the process of learning and doing some trial and error, but I feel that my videos have improved over the previous five months. Additionally, I've taken classes on entrepreneurship, now that I'm going down this path and intend to get better at it.

Plans & Pricing

Skillshare has several programs in place for individuals and teams. They offer free memberships, but with a limited number of courses (such as web design). Then, of course, they have their premium plan options that allow users full access to their library of more than 27,000 courses. The current premium plans are as followed:


Thoughts & Overall Experience

Rating: 9/10

Books- 1

For myself, I've enjoyed using Skillshare for the last few years. Signing up for a premium membership has been one of the best decisions I've made in my long-term potential. It's opened up new ideas and curiosities that I wouldn't have thought of without taking some of the courses they offer. For instance, my desire to make high-quality videos while presenting myself as an authority in a subject matter sparked my interest in taking some of the Skillshare courses. As I mentioned earlier, I'm learning how to edit the videos I produce each week. It's still a learning curve, but I'm getting better at it as well.

For people who have little or no money to invest in themselves, Skillshare can be a great resource and open up a pathway to new opportunities. It's an excellent way to start your side hustle or if you want to run a full-time business. If you're broke, indeed, take advantage of getting two months of free premium membership. Think of it as an investment in your future (kind of like higher education, but only much cheaper!) 


In my opinion, Skillshare is one of the best online learning platforms. With the variety of courses available on their site, there is something for everybody to try out. If you're like me, start making videos to showcase your talents. Maybe learn professional photography, or understand how to use social media outlets as practical marketing tools. 

If you're somebody not highly skilled or struggling to become more valuable at your job, start fresh today with two months of Skillshare premium free. It can make a difference where you're at in three-six months or a year. You never know what's possible.

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What do you think Skillshare has to offer you?

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10 thoughts on “The Top Online Learning Platform: Skillshare (2020)”

  1. Skillshare sounds like a teaching platform right up my alley, I can resonate with you in that today in schools while there are great teachers a lot of the teaching methods are out of date and something like skillshare looks to be a good learning platform for the modern-day.

    I know back in school I struggled to learn stuff because I found the teaching boring, I even went to a private school so that just tells you doesn’t matter where you go either. If you don’t enjoy it you probably won’t learn much.

    I have recently started learning a language through an online course and I have learnt more in about a month then I did in 5 years, which is crazy, but I do feel like online courses are the way to go as you can also go through at your pace as well.

    Because I am interested and the price is affordable I will check them out,

    Thanks for sharing Eric


    • Of course, Joshua! I’m glad both of us can relate to our years in school. I believe traditional education is on the verge of collapsing- it’s time to stick a knife in its coffin. As I said, the world has changed a lot over the years.

      That’s great to hear you started learning a new language. It’s amazing what you can learn in an online course in less time than a classroom that lasts longer.

      If you check it out, I hope you’ll find something interesting. There’s something for everyone, so happy learning!

      Thanks again for sharing your input!

  2. Hey, I enjoy while reading your article on Skill Share and found it very useful. While reading I know that Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers thousands of classes in photography, freelancing, video production, copyrighting, and much more since 2010. Your experience shows that skill share is very useful for everyone to get success in this online industry. We get everything if we go premium. I will soon go premium on Skill share.

    • That’s great to hear, Parveen. Yes, it’s amazing how much Skillshare has to offer in online learning. I’m very impressed by their platform.

      If you decide to go premium, remember you can get two months of a FREE membership when joining. If you do, I wish you the best. Go learn something new and increase your value to the world. I know you can do it!

      Thanks for sharing your input!

  3. This is a top review of Skill Share and it is relatable and personally because you have actually used it. I am keen to get started on Skill Share and I think the subscription fee of $100 per year is reasonable with the amount of courses on there for creatives.

    I will look into their photography course. It has been a passion of mine to get better at photography as a travel blogger and all the standard online course I have seen on photography starts from $250 so this looks like a bargain to me if I can access 27,000 other courses. Who knows what else I will find?

    • Yes, Bolupe. You make some great points about finding a ton of courses on Skillshare.

      That’s what I love about Skillshare- their library is enormous and extensive that there is something for everybody. It’s incredible. I’ve taken some courses on there that have benefited me overtime.

      I encourage you to check out more of their classes. But it’s good to know you want to look into their photography courses. I heard they’re right, so go for it!

      Thank you for sharing your input. They are much appreciated!

  4. I totally agree with you although skills share has had it ups and downs but i must tell you its the best learning platform, i know a lot of person do not know about them this is an opportunity  to learn something as they have one of the best prices around…thanks a lot for sharing.



    • Of course, Juliet! Skillshare may not be perfect, but as I mentioned earlier, there’s something for everybody. You never know what you could find to improve your knowledge and skillset. 

      It’s much more important now than ever to increase your value in society. Skillshare can help people out with that issue- it sure can be an excellent investment in their futures.

      Thanks for sharing your input. Much appreciated!

  5. Right now, The first i want to do is try to share this great article with some of my friends. The website is really nice. and i have learnt something tangible from this well detailed article on the top online leading platform. skillshare has been in existence for a while but i have not felt impact of its popularity all this while.

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      I appreciate your warm feedback. I’m glad you found this post on Skillshare useful. Feel free to check them out; they have an extensive collection of courses to take from. As I mentioned earlier, there’s something for everybody!

      Thanks again for sharing!


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