The Rocket Languages Review

The Rocket Languages Review: Learn A New Language

Product: Rocket Languages
Price: Varies- depending on the language
Type of Program: Education; Foreign Languages
Guarantee: 60-Day Money Back (100%)
Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Are you learning a foreign language through a traditional method, such as in a classroom or through one-on-one tutoring sessions? If you find them not to be very useful, do you wish there would be a more natural way to learn a foreign language? I will do my review of an excellent software program, similar to last week's post. In the Rocket Languages review that I'll break down, this program uses different learning styles (visual, audio, kinesthetic) to make it easier to learn a foreign language at home or on the go.

The Rocket Languages Review

I believe learning a foreign language is an excellent skill to have in expanding your horizons (personal and professional). Whether it's to help you with career development, or you’re preparing to travel internationally, there are many benefits to speaking a foreign language. Thanks to the internet and modern technology, more software programs make it easier to learn a foreign language. There are some good ones and not good software programs out there, but Rocket Languages is neither of these two.

So let’s dive into some details of Rocket Languages. The following points I will discuss include:

1.) Rocket Languages Overview

2.) The Benefits

3.) Additional Resources

4.) Rating & My Overall Experience

The Rocket Languages Review: Overview

The Rocket Languages Review

Rocket Languages was created by Jason Oxenham, who used traditional methods and different software to learn French. He didn’t have much success in retaining the material, so it pushed him to develop a software program where it’d be user-friendly and different learning approaches to make it easier. Oxenham and his co-founder (Mark Ling) started their software 15 years ago, with Rocket Spanish and Rocket French as the first languages offered.

Language Expansion

Over the years, Rocket Languages has expanded to more languages, such as Rocket Russian, Rocket Arabic, Russian Chinese, and even American Sign Language (ASL). So the software has an extensive list of languages for people to check out and expand their knowledge.


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The Rocket Languages Review

What I like about Rocket Languages is it’s very user-friendly and hands-on when learning a new language. The lessons include plenty of listening activities, simple grammar lessons, and a nice variety of vocabulary for each style provided. One benefit is the audio courses instruct you to say the words out loud so that it's easier to remember. The instructor will say a word, and then you repeat it back. Before the next lesson, you’ll reinforce what you learn, and they’ll ask some review questions to test your knowledge. You’ll listen through dialogues between two or more people, and then you’ll answer some questions in the language you are learning.

Additional Resources

The Rocket Languages Review

There are additional resources available to supplement your learning. For example, they have flashcards of words from a particular lesson, which I used a lot as I went into the intermediate. I wanted to make sure I still remember the basics back when I first started learning the languages I chose. Flashcards are an excellent way for me to learn a foreign language, especially since I’m a visual learner myself.

My Overall Experience

Rating: 9.5/10

The Rocket Languages Review

I signed up for Rocket Language earlier this year, and I enjoy going through the interactive lessons and the support available when I needed it. I’m currently taking Rocket Spanish and Rocket ASL, and I love the lessons as I go through the training modules. Spanish is a more accessible language since I took it in my middle school and high school years. It’s much easier for me to recall a word I’ve made before. ASL is one I found fun and challenging at times. It’s taken a while for me to get used to, but I’ve learned quite a bit of ASL while out in public (especially since I know some individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing).

American Sign Language

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The Rocket Languages ReviewRocket Language is one of the best software programs to learn a foreign language in a short timeframe. It’s very user-friendly (even their mobile app works well), the lessons are interactive and easy to follow along. I’ve had the benefit of taking ASL lessons during my commutes to work. Prices are reasonable as well- currently, they have discounts on their different options. A couple of times throughout the year, they do have discount sales to promote their products. So if you’re signed up to their newsletter, keep an eye out for discounts on the next language course you may be interested in.

Update: For the week of March 9-13, 2020, Rocket Languages will be offering special discounts as part of their 16-year anniversary.

Challenge yourself by learning a new language today.

What do you think of Rocket Languages? Do you it's something you want to try out?

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4 thoughts on “The Rocket Languages Review: Learn A New Language”

  1. What a fascinating and well written article.  While I love languages (I speak some French and much more German) I have always had difficulty in retaining the vocabulary and structure unless I am actually immersed in the country of origin being forced to communicate on a daily basis.

    I find that after a short time away I get very rusty.  Will this system help with maintaining language skills when not using them regularly?

    Thanks for posting I really enjoyed this piece.


    • Of course, Hamis! I’m glad to hear that you liked how Rocket Languages works- it’s a good system to use.

      Yes, the system is regularly updated (with all of their language courses). So if you need to freshen up on some of your skills, you can take the courses again if you’d like. Even for myself, if I haven’t practiced Spanish for some time, I still will go back and take old refresher courses.

      Thanks for sharing your input!

  2. Many applications have been developed to replace professors and offer guidance in foreign language learning. The good side is that mobile devices have become very important to people today, and users use their devices for hours during the day. In this way, foreign language learning is constantly available. However, there is another problem with how to get someone interested or encouraged to learn enough. The course professor will easily notice when a student needs a stimulus or some help, while in online learning, the student should detect it independently and help themselves. Learning through the course can be tailored to the needs and background of the individual, thus focusing on his or her weakest points, thus making the targeted material that the person needs. On the other hand, online methods are the same for all people, regardless of their strengths and weaknesses in existing knowledge. 

    • Yes, that’s very true. You make some excellent points about online learning today. Whether that’s in foreign languages or other subjects, I believe learning should be self-taught and paced for most materials. With platforms such as Rocket Languages, it makes it easier for someone to learn a foreign language at their own pace.

      It’s amazing how times have changed, and easier to access learning materials via the internet. 

      Thanks for sharing your insightful thoughts. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your points earlier.


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