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Are you looking for a convenient timer for your kitchen? Do you want one where it’s loud enough to get your attention? There are many timers that you can choose for your kitchen- the possibilities are endless sometimes. But you may have heard of the Taylor kitchen timers. This timer has some of the best functions for operating at its best. In this review, I’m going to discuss one of their Taylor kitchen timer models, the Taylor(R) Precision Products 5873 super loud digital timer digital alarm clock.

Taylor kitchen timers: Taylor(R) Precision Products 5873 Super Loud Digital Timer Digital Alarm Clock

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This Taylor kitchen timer is an excellent approach to keep track of time in the kitchen. Manufactured by Taylor Precision Products, this timer aims to be of high quality, best selection, and one source. As George Taylor, the founder of the company, once said, his motto was: “Accuracy first.” So with those values in mind, it brings out some of the best products to offer in the marketplace. This kitchen timer is designed to meet up to the company’s values while making customer satisfaction a top priority.

The Taylor kitchen timer allows you to keep track of the time you’re cooking, working, or studying. But primarily, people use it when cooking and doing multiple tasks in the kitchen. It comes with a one AAA battery for your convenience, along with a clip magnet allowing it to work in numerous environments. 

Along with the basic description of the kitchen timer, there are plenty of neat features that it comes along with the product. For the remainder of this review, I will go over some of the following key points, including:

1.) Taylor kitchen timer best features

2.) Pricing

3.) Pros and cons

4.) Overall rating and review

5.) Where to get your kitchen timer today

Taylor kitchen timers

Best Features

The kitchen timer is great for multiple functions when needed. As a nice product to have around the kitchen, it can make cooking a little easier. Rather than relying on your watch or guessing for how long, a timer can help get your timing down for cooking the best meals. Not only can the timer be used for baking and cooking, but it can be used for:

  • Homework
  • Sports
  • Exercise
  • Classroom activities

A neat feature of the Taylor kitchen timer is its easy setup. The set-up and programming are not hard to put together, as the design is easy to look over. The timer has large buttons, clearly labeled minutes, and a handy pause count function. It also works well as a clock when not used as a timer. 

Here are some of the other highlighted features:

  • This lightweight timer can count up or count down
  • The readout provides a clear easy to read display that can be read from across the kitchen
  • The timer is capable of displaying up to 99 minutes 59 seconds suitable for a wide variety of applications
  • The timer mounts with a clip magnet or stands allowing the timer to function in a wide range of environments
  • One AAA battery is included for your convenience
  • 95dB alarm rings until deactivated by pressing a button
  • Counts up to 24 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds
  • Includes 12/24-hour clock

With the cool features listed, there’s no doubt that the timer is simple and easily accessible. 

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The Taylor kitchen timer is a white, gray button timer, similar to the GE digital timer (Check out the review on the GE digital timer from the previous week).  With the timer being used in the kitchen, it can be an excellent way to keep track of time while cooking. As mentioned earlier, the timer can also be used for work and study-related purposes. 

Currently, the price of the timer is $105.00 but presently discounted at $52.50 (at the time of this posting). ETS Charter is offering up to 15% off all its products during its Mother’s Day season. By taking advantage of the deep discount (plus the 15% off special), you can save quite a bit of dough. If you’re looking for a convenient timer for your home or garden, this timer might be the right choice.

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Pros & Cons


  • Counts up and down
  • A loud noise- good enough for you to hear it to get your attention
  • Easy to read & setup
  • Water-resistant


  • Short battery life (some say it stopped working after two months)
  • Weak magnet
  • Some buttons/functions reported to be not working (not fully functional)

Overall review

Taylor Kitchen Timers- 3

Rating: 8/10

Here is some additional information about the timer:

UPC Code 0077784026861
Package Includes Taylor Precision Products 5873 Super-Loud Digital Timer
Condition Description This product is brand new and sealed.
Model Number 5873
MPN 5873
Warranty 1 Year Warranty


Package Height (inches) 1.75
Package Length (inches) 6.75
Package Width (inches) 5
Weight (lbs) 0.4200
Ship From Zip Code 73127

Where to get your timer today

So what are you waiting for? For a limited time, you can get up to 25% off your order off a Taylor kitchen timer through ETS Charter (my eCommerce site). So if you want to save some dough, take advantage of buying one of these rain jackets at an excellent price. All orders come with free shipping, and customer satisfaction is prioritized. You don’t want to miss out on a nice deal. 

Check out and purchase a timer today!

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What do you think of the Taylor kitchen timer? Do you think it would be suitable to have on hand at home?

Leave a comment below and please share this post with others.


Taylor(R) Precision Products 5873 Super Loud Digital Timer






Customer Satisfaction



  • Counts Up & Down
  • Loud Noise- Enough To Get Your Attention
  • Easy To Read & Setup
  • Water Resistant


  • Short Battery Life
  • Weak Magnet

14 thoughts on “TAYLOR KITCHEN TIMERS REVIEW: The Best Kitchen Timer?”

  1. Thank you for your review of the Taylor Kitchen timer.  I have been using timers since I have been so busy and get sidetracked.  Naturally, the oven has one, and I use it some, but in some parts of the house, I cant hear it. I also put eggs on to boil, or bagel in the oven to toast and will not think of them for too long.  After cleaning up an egg, off the wall and ceiling where it popped before it started that icky burned smell, I knew things needed to change,  So a new timer seemed the answer.  However, 2 new timers later I am still having trouble hearing in the back part of the house.

    After reading the information you have provided, I can see that with timmers, you get what you pay for.  As our lives get busier and we keep trying to do more, we need all the help we can get.  Who would have thought I would find the answer to a question I had so easily?  Thanks, Sami

    • Of course, Sami. It’s great to hear that you found this review useful.

      Yes, this timer can come in handy when needed the most. As I mentioned in the post, it has quite some neat features that you can use for multiple situations. What you brought up earlier are ideal scenarios when a timer can come in handy.

      Timers are becoming handier these days, for sure. I couldn’t agree with you more.

      Thanks for your input- it’s much appreciated and glad I was able to provide you a solution. 

  2. Hi!! This is brilliant..I actually have a bad experience with kitchen timers because I was addicted to China’s Wish website and their products are low quality if not fake. I only used the item for a week and it was already gone and making funny noises at night. So thank you  for  introducing Taylor Kitchen timer, I think it will alleviate my stress while cooking and babysitting.  


    • Of course, Nanzelea84. I hope this timer (in particular) will be useful to you, unlike with the other ones you mentioned.

      I hope it’ll help alleviate your stress, as you brought up. 

      Thanks for sharing your input- much appreciated!

  3. Hi Eric

    If you are a baker, you will need to time baking to the nearest second. If you take the bake out of the oven too early, it may be undervalued and taste not quite right. If you leave it too late, the bake will be overcooked and may taste burnt. I think that this time will  be useful for the bakers amongst us. It will be useful for other things where timing will be very important but wonder how practical  it would be to carry around with you.

    Will the timer work if you accidentally  get it wet, as can happen in the kitchen?



    • Hello, Antonio,

      You make excellent points in regards to baking. When it comes to baking, you have to get the timing done (especially when you’re baking bread). That’s something I burned too often, even though I’m always careful.

      Regarding your question, the timer is water-resistant. So if it gets wet, the timer should work fine. That’s what I liked the most about the Taylor kitchen timer. It’s a significant preference I take into consideration.

      I hope that answers your question. Thank you so much for your thoughtful input- much appreciated!

  4. Great article and its no question that the kitchen is one of the most busiest rooms in the house and a timer is necessary to have. The Tylor Kitchen timer has one flaw/con that is hard to deal with especially for its price tag and that is some buttons dont function properly, so i was wondering if there are other Taylor Kitchen timers on the market perhaps it would have helped to make a review on some of them so that there is a large option to choose from. But all in all its a great article

    • Thanks, Chezya. I’m glad to hear you got the most out of this review.

      This timer may have some flaws, but it still works well. Regarding your question, there isn’t a timer I have in mind. So I would direct you to the manufacturer’s website. I noticed there other timers that might fit better for your needs. 

      Click here to learn more.

      I hope that helps. Thank you so much for your thoughtful responses- much appreciated!

  5. Hey nice article you have there. This is indeed an awesome Innovation on the part of Taylor. With the kitchen timer, meal will tends to retain it’s nutrients as a result of proper timimg, as a result of its multiplicity functions it suits perfectly for timing in an examination , surely gonna refer the registrar’s of my school for this awesome initiative from Taylor.

    • Thanks, I’m glad to hear you found this review helpful.

      I agree that timing is crucial when it comes to cooking certain meals. When it comes to baking bread, cooking pasta, they have to be timed incorrectly. It’s something useful to keep in mind.

      I’m happy to hear you’ll mention this timer to those who work at your school. Taylor has done an excellent job with their innovative product, for sure.

      Thanks again for your feedback- much appreciated!

  6. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this review on the Taylor kitchen timer. The Taylor kitchen timer features are great and can be used for baking, cooking, homework, Sports, Exercise and. Classroom activities. It is usually easy to use because the buttons are large and clearly labeled. They currently offer great discount for purchases.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

    • Of course! I’m glad to hear you found the review helpful. I can tell we have some things in common- how we feel about this timer.

      You echoed what I mentioned earlier, and the buttons are easy to use (at a great discount as well).

      Thanks for sharing your input- much appreciated!

  7. Nice write up on kitchen timers, you should know that a kitchen is a device that can be set for a number of minutes (usually up to one hour) that sounds an alarm such as a bell or buzzer when the specified amount of time has elapsed; commonly used when cooking or baking. This really helps to avoid a lot of unfortunate events in the kitchen… From this review you can make a nice choice on the beat timer to get for your kitchen..

    • Thanks, Evans. I’m glad you found this review helpful.

      I was aware of the general purpose of using a kitchen, where timers come in handy. So it’s important to use them when baking or cooking; as you mentioned, to avoid those unfortunate events (i.e. big messes). We certainly don’t want those events to happen at all!

      Thanks again for those reminders, and your input- much appreciated!


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