Is 2020 A Blessing Or A Curse? My Reflections & Thoughts

Is 2020 A Blessing Or A Curse- Main Cover

*This post contains affiliate links. Please review the full affiliate disclosure for more information.* By now, nearly everyone can agree that 2020 was a bizarre year. It’ll be one that’ll go down as a historical one. But I beg to ask this interesting question: Is 2020 a blessing or a curse? Well, you may think … Read more

Is Politics The Answer? Change Yourself, Not Your Government

Is politics the answer?- Main cover

I used to consider myself a political junkie over the years. I used to write blog posts about politics. I loved feeding the animal, similar to what conservative talk show radio hosts do all day long. But I’ve come to ask myself recently- is politics the answer? Is it the solution to many societal problems? … Read more

My 1 Year Anniversary Note: Being An Online Entrepreneur

1 Year Anniversary Note- Main

Beginning this week, I’ll be doing shorter posts to get some of my thoughts down. It could range from anything including my own life, what’s going on around the world, or some other random topics. What I wanted to briefly mention was a 1 year anniversary note. It’ll make more sense at the end of … Read more