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SCHIFFGOLD REVIEW: Should I Invest In Gold And Silver?

2020 has been an unusual year around the world. The financial markets acted on a very panicky mood- days of volatility and uncertainty amidst the spread of a virus. You know what I mean if you’ve been following the markets. It’s also an exciting time to ask yourself, “Should I invest in gold and silver?” The precious metals dived prices earlier this year, but not all is lost in the metals market.

Should I invest in gold and silver?

As I mentioned, gold and silver performed poorly in the early part of 2020. But in the last few months, the metals have rebounded. This time might not be a fluke, or it could be the start of big rallies ahead.

At the time of this writing, the price of gold has nearly reached a record high in the markets. As of early August, gold now above $2000/ounce (new top from nine years prior).

On the other hand, silver has rallied to new highs since it’s a significant drop during the first quarter of 2020. Recovering from $12/ounce a few months back, silver is now above $27/ounce.

It remains to be seen where gold and silver are headed for the rest of 2020. Moving forward, the prospects look promising at the moment.

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Keep in mind; I’m not a financial expert. What I’m writing about reflects on my beliefs and views of what’s happening around the world.

However, I’m a firm investor in precious metals. I believe gold and silver are worthy of having on hand in protecting your wealth. What’s going on in the year 2020 matters a lot in the precious metals market. More so, I believe it’s never been a better time for gold and silver than right now.

On another point, I will refer my readers to a place I’ve bought gold and silver coins. I believe it’s a wise decision to buy gold and silver, and you may be satisfied with what you get.

In this post, I will do a review of SchiffGold, a company that specializes in precious metals. SchiffGold has been around for a decade and has an excellent reputation from its clients. I will write a brief overview of the financial services company, along with my overall experience with SchiffGold. The following points include:

Should I invest in gold and silver?

What is SchiffGold?

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SchiffGold (founded by Peter Schiff) is a financial service firm specializing in precious metals, such as gold and silver. You can purchase and sell physical metals, along with options to rollover an IRA or 401k savings into gold. SchiffGold offers precious metals in coins, bars, and even fractional coins as well. For instance, instead of buying one ounce of gold, you can choose to buy 1/2, 1/4, or 1/10 of an ounce of gold instead. From my experience, it’s best to have a mixture of one-ounce coins or bars, and fractional coins to put in your portfolio.

What to check out on their services?

Also, there are several reports you can download for free, such as lookouts for gold scams, the importance of gold to build long-term wealth, the ongoing student loan bubble, and much more. I highly recommended reading the reports if you’re concerned about current events and your financial future. It’s an excellent way to educate yourself so that you can prosper and get through difficult economic times ahead.

In the past year, I wasn’t sure how to buy and sell physical gold. But, I’ve started buying gold and silver lately to put in my portfolio. I don’t see precious metals such as gold as an investment, but as real money that increases in value over time. Buying gold and silver is an excellent way to protect your wealth from inflation (or even worse, hyperinflation). 


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My overall experience

SchiffGold has been the place I go to buy physical gold and silver. I’ve ordered some gold and silver coins, and even received excellent discounts on my orders. The discounts offered was one of the best parts of ordering from SchiffGold, and I was satisfied with the package I received. 

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If you have been following the financial markets these days, you know the global financial system is broke. At some point down the road, it will fall collapse on its own, and change the way we live and handle our finances. 

What are your thoughts on gold and silver as real money?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Check out some of my other posts.


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