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Self Control Yourself: Take Charge of Your Future Now!

At the time of writing this post, things have are wacky where I live. Not only where I’m at in Illinois but across the country and the world. If you know what I’m talking about, that would be the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Yes, a lot is going on with this health outbreak. It’s stressful to keep up with what’s going in the news for sure. However, that shouldn’t give you an excuse to not self control yourself.

Self control yourself

When I talk about self-control, I don’t mean practicing general tips (that’s for a separate post). But at a time when people are panicking and make irrational decisions, it’s crucial to have some discipline and self-control. Not just personally, but it’s essential to do it financially. Illinois is one of several states to issue stay-at-home orders, resulting in non-essential businesses to close. Therefore, a lot of people will be out of work or laid off for some time.

Although it may feel like we’re in a doomsday scenario, it could be much worse. But one thing to keep in mind is these kinds of situations may not be in our control at times. Whether that’s getting laid off or going to the ER, many things can be thrown at us without advanced warning. For the remainder of this post, I will make a few points on how to take self-control of your situation. These include:

1.) Start working on controlling your income

2.) Avoid watching the news (for the most part)

3.) Taking care of yourself

4.) Reaching out to loved ones

Self control yourself: Control your income

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Several days ago, I saw some local businesses close down due to the outbreak. Economic activities have been disrupted, and workers won’t be able to make their next one or two paychecks. Though I have some sympathy for these people, they need to understand that these situations can happen at any time. More so, if you think your job is safe, think again. There is no such thing as job security, and why it’s essential to have other sources of income to fall back.

Multiple streams of income over one job

During a time of uncertainly, it’s more important than ever to take control of your financial means. In 2020, it’s no longer feasible to be tied to one job (or having two-three lousy-paying jobs). We live in the digital age, where it’s easy and cheaper to start a side hustle or an online business.

For someone like myself, I’m not in the worst-case scenario because I have other sources of income to fall back on. I won’t lose my job tomorrow. I have other options to make income. Having said that, having multiple streams of income is the best way to face uncertainty during times such as today.

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Avoid watching the news

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Yes, many people would say that’s impossible. But let’s face it: a 24/7 news cycle full of negative coverage will only make things worse. It gets me anxious and fed up when I’m watching the news all day. Not all news is negative, but most of it is. Especially now with COVID-19, the news coverage is misleading and toxic. Also, I believe it’s why people are panicked and emptying the shelves at the grocery stores.

Keep news coverage to a minimum

I’m not suggesting to avoid the news altogether. Instead, keep it to a minimum if it’s necessary to know what’s going in your community. There’s so much you can take in that it could be overwhelming. One day or two last week, I got tied into the news because it had an impact on where I live. But I’ve learned to decompress and stay calm during a time of uncertainty.

Take care of yourself

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It’s essential to take care of yourself, whether that’s physically, mentally, or spiritually. It can be challenging when grocery stores are running out of items in stock. Luckily, some stores still have fresh fruits and vegetables, along with healthier options. Another thing is practicing meditation, which I do daily and helps me clear the fog out of my head. Doing something that will keep you in good health will pay off down the road.

What I’m doing now

Although the grocery store I visit has limited items in stock, they still have healthier choices available. I’ve seen things such as bread, rice, beans, and pasta flying off the shelves. But luckily, not everything has run out of stock.

Also, with the gym I go to now closed, they decided to get creative and started offering classes online. Though it will be rough for me not to go to the gym, it’ll be attractive to workout in my apartment. But I’m excited about it! I signed for Zumba and yoga classes later this week, so I’m looking forward to trying out.

Reach out to loved ones

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If you’re living in an area where you’re instructed to stay home, it can be challenging if you’re by yourself. Someone like me living on my own, being isolated for long periods, is never a good thing. If you’re like me, make sure to call loved ones or stay in touch with people you remain close to. I’ve done the best I can to reach out to family and others in my community. If you do the same, it will feel less lonely and frightening with what’s going on with the health outbreak.


It’s normal to feel concerned about what’s going on in the world today. With where I’m at, it sucks having a stay-at-home order in place across the state. Although I remain optimistic, it won’t last forever. At least I hope so since the worst hasn’t happened yet. If the worse has yet to come, time will tell. But for now, it’s a temporary inconvenience that has to end at some point.

A lot of negativity has moved around the past several weeks, but let’s look at the bright side. Whenever this outbreak ends, some good things can come out of it. There will be lessons learned and changes in how we live for the better. Or maybe it’ll be the opposite- for the worse. It can go for better or worse, but we’ll see how it goes.

I will go over some potential outcomes that’ll happen for the better in a future post. But for now, the points I discussed earlier can help during difficult times, such as right now.


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