ROSETTA STONE REVIEWS 2020: Is The Software Worth It?

Are you interested in learning a new language? Do you want a software program that’s easy to use while learning on the go? There are several foreign language software programs out there, and you may have come across some Rosetta Stone reviews. There’s a bit of buzz and chat about this program online, and it’s worthwhile to look into it.

Rosetta Stone Reviews: What is Rosetta Stone?

Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular software programs for learning a foreign language. For nearly three decades, they’re dedicated to “changing people’s lives through the power of language and literacy education. By offering cloud-based solutions with their software, they help all kinds of learners be able to read, write, and speak more than 30 languages.

Can you become fluent with Rosetta Stone?

Over the years, I’ve seen ads and promotions by Rosetta Stone. I can tell they’re a legitimate educational service to look into. However, I’ve seen some mixed reviews on it and wanted to look into more in-depth. 

Is it the best learning software? Are the lessons worthwhile to try out, with easily actionable steps? These are questions I’m going to try to answer in this review of Rosetta Stone. I’ll go over an in-depth overview, along with my final recommendation near the end of this post. The following points include:

1.) Primary Features

2.) Pricing

3.) Pros & Cons

4.) Overall Rating & Review

Rosetta Stone Reviews


Similar to other foreign language software, Rosetta Stone has essential functions of learning a language. They also have some extra features that might be beneficial to their users. 

Some of the basic features include:

  • Courses in 25 languages

Rosetta Stone has classes in 25 languages, including Spanish, French, Greek, and Japanese. They have a course in English for those who consider English as their second language. 

The English (American) version is a solid course for those learning English for the first time. It’s recommended by many corporate clients and the U.S. Department of State.

Rosetta Stone Reviews- 1

  • Course materials offered

With each of the courses come great resources to aid in learning any language. These materials include the following:

  • Phrasebook

An electronic book that comes with easy to understand greetings, phrases, expressions.

  • Audio companion

Conveniently learn and listen online through the downloadable lessons.

  • Stories

Acquire new vocabulary by reading stories as meant to be read (in their language).

  • TruAccent

As the program’s search engine, you get instant feedback to fine-tune your pronunciation on words and phrases.

  • A Learning Plan Outline

When you sign up for a subscription, you’re allowed to create a plan to learn a language. It comes with curated content, along with helpful reminders to stay on track.

  • Live Tutoring

Rosetta Stone offers live tutoring from some of the best native speakers around the world.

Rosetta Stone Reviews- 2

  • Programs for Enterprise and Schools

Rosetta Stone offers programs for companies to take part in learning foreign languages. Rosetta has several corporate clients who they work closely with, and continue to provide the best solutions for them. 

Also, there are programs available for schools to look into for their curriculums. Schools that offer foreign language courses can use their resources for supplemental materials.

  • Programs for Homeschool

Rosetta Stone also provides learning materials for homeschoolers. For those who homeschool their children, these resources can be great to use if parents are having trouble finding the right educational materials.

Pricing Options

Rosetta Stone offers a few pricing options for its language courses. They can range from 3-24 months, and even provide a lifetime access course. Here are the following options:

3 Month Plan- For One Language

  • $11.99 per month- $35.97 due at the time of signing up

12 Month Plan- Unlimited Languages

  • $14.92 per month- $179 due at the time of signing up

24 Month Plan- Unlimited Languages

  • $10.38 per month- $249 due at the time of signing up

Lifetime Plan- Unlimited access

  • One time payment of $299

If you’re not satisfied with the plan you choose, all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Rosetta Stone Reviews- 3

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Pros & Cons


  • Great user experience (simple and easy to use)
  • Multiple device capability- learn anywhere from desktop, tablet, or mobile
  • Live online tutoring sessions available through native-learning speakers
  • Bonus content available (as part of all plans)

Rosetta Stone Reviews- 4


  • Costs of plans are pricey
  • No placement tests
  • Repetitive at times
  • The software reportedly slow at times   

Overall Rating & Review

Rating: 6.4/10

As mentioned earlier, Rosetta Stone is one of the most well-known companies in foreign language software. Even though they’re a reputable company, it has received mixed reviews from its users. 

Rosetta Stone Reviews- 5

For instance, one user mentioned how the lessons were not organized well. So it could have been simpler. Also, there’s an emphasis on learning separate words than actual context. Without content, the terms don’t have any meaning. 

Rosetta Stone Reviews- 6

Also, the costs of the plans are expensive. So for a complete beginner in any language, their plans may not be the best option to start by learning one language. Unless you’re willing to invest and commit to learning regularly, their software may not be the best one for you.


Rosetta Stone certainly has excellent benefits for their software. However, there are flaws in how their lessons are organized and the overall context. More so, I would not recommend this course for a beginner. If you’re an advanced learner and want to use their best features, by all means, go ahead. 

Unless you are interested in signing up for Rosetta Stone, allow me to recommend another program.

This program is the one I’ve used to learn Spanish and American sign language. The lessons are much more straightforward and easy to follow along and great to interact with.

What do you think of Rosetta Stone? Is it something you want to look into?

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18 thoughts on “ROSETTA STONE REVIEWS 2020: Is The Software Worth It?”

  1. Hello, 

    Thank you for sharing this article. 

    I had heard of Rosetta Stone as they have been around for a long time but didn’t really know much about them. 

    From what you say it does sound that they are not the best for beginners to a language. It was interesting to read that they taught sign language as I have always wanted to learn this. What do you think they would be like for a beginner of sign language?

    Best wishes, 


    • Thank you, Cameron. I’m glad to know you enjoyed reading this post.

      I double-checked, and it looks they don’t offer sign language courses. I might have missed it, but it wasn’t on the list I saw. You might have been referring to a post on another program I touched on.

      But as far as Rosetta Stone, it wouldn’t be the best for a beginner (regardless of language). So it’s why I don’t recommend it to an entirely new person. Hopefully, I answered your question there.

      Thank you again for your insights- much appreciated!

  2. Thanks for your post. It is useful for me. Right now I am learning Spanish and join a physical class. Sometimes I missed the class due to schedule conflict. I think about learning it through software program, but never take time to do the research.

    Here comes your article, which provides a comprehensive review on Rosetta Stone. I particularly like your Pros and Cons analyses. It is nice to see that the program provides great user experience, which is number one concern for me. 

    The price of the software is reasonable. The single 45 minutes private lesson costs me $50. The one month cost for the program is about $12. I am going to give this program a trial. 

    • Thank you, Anthony. It’s great to know you enjoyed reading this post.

      It’s good you’re taking a class on Spanish, whether it’s in the classroom or online. Looking at Rosetta Stone, this program can be an excellent alternative to your course. If you’re willing to invest more in your education, certainly give it a try (which you’ve indicated earlier).

      I hope you enjoy the trial- I’d love to hear your feedback at some point.

      Thanks again for your input- much appreciated!

  3. I thought to myself that it would be very good to try to learn a new language, and honestly, I have found some great platforms but I thought that software will be better and this one popped up and I felt I should see a review on it. It seems really good to me and I feel this Rosetta Stone will be a good one for me to learn at least two languages.

    • Thank you, Jay.

      That’s good you were able to find this software. Yes, Rosetta Stone has great features that are helpful for learning a new language. It sounds like you’re interested in checking it out, so I hope you found this review helpful.

      Thanks again for sharing your insights- much appreciated!

  4. Learning a second language for a lot of people has become very Important based on it’s demands and it’s very good to know where to go to learn it properly. Rosetta Stone is a nice Platform but it has its own disadvantages which makes it very off to invest in, and I think the price is too high for what it offers

    • Thank you very much.

      You’re right about the importance of learning a second language. Rosetta Stone has its pros and cons, so it’s not for everyone. As I outlined in the review, the pricing is a little high. It’s why I didn’t give a 10-star rating, amongst other reasons.

      Thanks again for sharing your input- much appreciated!

  5. Hello there, I really love this article for the truth that comes with it and it does give so much information to this post. I have been looking for a similar platform until I was introduced to Rosetta and then getting this reviews have made me understand it better and I feel I would rather have it wait to be better before I get in with them 

    • Thank you, Justin. I’m glad to know you enjoyed reading this post.

      There are several platforms out there for learning a foreign language. Rosetta Stone is a common one, even though it has its pros and cons. I’m glad to know you found the post helpful, and you have a better understanding of what Rosetta Stone has to offer.

      Thanks again for sharing your input- much appreciated!

  6. I’ve already heard of Rosetta Stone – I like learning new languages and I was caught by the name – but I’ve never used their programs. Honestly, I think it is not so expensive – if compared to the prices of many competitors, but the fact that they don’t have placement tests and that the program can be repetitive is not very good. But it looks like there are many pros, so I would like to try their programs in the future.

    • Thank you, Rosalia. 

      Yes, Rosetta Stone has been around for some time. Even though it seems to be popular, it has its downsides. But it does offer some neat features (as I mentioned in the review). Though it can be repetitive, there are certainly upsides to trying it out.

      If you end up taking their program, I’d love to hear your feedback. It’s good to hear what other people are saying about the program.

      Thanks again for sharing your input- much appreciated!

  7. Hello there, I have heard of Rosetta Stone as it has been around for a long time. But didn’t really know much about them. Learning a second language for a lot of reasons has become an imperative these days. It holds value so it’s nice to know that there is a platform where you can go to learn properly. Thank you for sharing this article. 

    • No problem, Beesean. I’m glad to know you enjoyed reading this post.

      I agree with you that it’s more important than ever to learn a second language (or even multiple languages). Knowing how to speak another language can open up more doors to your potential. Whether it’s getting another job or moving to another country,  there are many benefits to speaking another language.

      It’s good to know you found this post valuable. Rosetta Stone has been around for some time, and continues to improve as well.

      Thank you for sharing your input- it’s very much appreciated!

  8. Hello Eric, I have a love of language and I have been really serious with my Spanish classes lately. I couldn’t get  access to the website from which I receive lectures anymore. I have seen a couple of means to learn and this seem like a really great idea. One thing that is making me hold back is the cost. I would hang on a bit in case of the means. 

    • Thank you, Justin.

      It sounds like you’re into the Spanish courses. Too bad you couldn’t get access to them. If your looking for another option, feel free to sign up for Rosetta Stone.They may have additional resources that can assist you with your learning. I like where you’re headed, it can make a difference for sure.

      Thanks again for sharing your input- much appreciated!

  9. I have always been a fan of diverse cultures and languages. That’s why this article really hit me differently. I have heard a lot about Rosetta Stone, but not in this much detail. It was amazing how you listed the features, the pros as well as the cons. You really paid attention to detail when giving this review and I loved it.

    • Of course, Collins. I’m glad to know you enjoyed reading this review.

      Yes, I like the idea of being diverse and learning other languages. Rosetta Stone seems to have a decent program when it comes to learning a new language.

      I appreciate your feedback on my post in general. That was thoughtful of you.

      Thank you very much for your insights- much appreciated!


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