Ron Paul In The News: Mises Event 2019

Though there is not much coverage of Ron Paul in the news lately, he still is popular among individuals such as me.  This past weekend, I had an excellent opportunity to be in Lake Jackson, Texas, to attend a symposium hosted by the Mises Institute. The topic was on state propaganda and the 2020 election, with Ron Paul as the keynote speaker. I was so ecstatic to meet Dr. Paul in person, and I can’t say enough how much of an experience it was.

Mises Institute Symposium 2019

Ron Paul In The News- Dow College

The speaker lineup included:

  • Scott Horton (I had a chance to get a copy of his new book on his interviews with Ron Paul, along with his signature. So cool!)
  • Jeff Deist 
  • Daniel McAdams
  • Tom Woods
  • Lew Rockwell
  • and of course, Dr. Paul

Q & A Session with Tom Woods

I won’t go over each of the speaker’s talks, but what I liked the most was the Q & A session that Woods facilitated with Dr. Paul. Woods asked questions (from his podcast listeners) about what Dr. Paul went through during his two presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012, and how the media blatantly ignored and blacklisted him. For example, there were several segments the big news outlets pretty much left him out of the polls, that even Jon Stewart was astonished and had to call out their bluff. It shows how biased the media can be, along with who they look out for- corporations and governments.

Dr. Paul’s Speech

Of course, the talk that Dr. Paul at the end of the conference was inspiring and moved me a bit. I believe Dr. Paul is the greatest advocate for freedom, sound money, and world peace. Unlike 99% of politicians today, Dr. Paul is honest, sincere, and courageous in what he believes in. Paul never comprises or sells out on his principles.

Ron Paul: My Hero & Inspiration

He is an original character, and what he has done over the years has helped shaped me as an individual. My favorite part of his talk was when individuals are free and wealthy; they can showcase their talents while providing value to the world. More so, they can expand further and live a life of meaning or living a life of excellence. So that motivated me to continue pursuing my interests and passions so that I can live life to the fullest.


Watch Dr. Paul give his talk at the Mises Symposium in Lake Jackson, Texas.

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