Are you searching for a better alternative to traditional schooling? Do you lean in the direction of homeschooling your students? If so, the RON PAUL homeschool program might be an excellent fit for you and your student(s).

Many homeschool programs offer learning materials that are usually covered in public schools. But if you’re like me, you’re losing trust with the current education system.


Let’s face it- the current education system (at least in the U.S.) has been abysmal and failed most students. It’s gotten much worse over the years, but this year has taken a different turn. 

In the 2020-21′ school year, there will be some changes when students go back to school due to COVID-19 concerns. Honestly, I think it’s going to deteriorate the system based on the new practices that will put in place.

Based on what I’ve read in the last two months, schools are taking severe measures to keep students distanced and safe from each other. Whether it’s wearing masks, practicing stupid “social distance” guidelines, or lining up one person at a time, it looks like statism is alive and well in our controlled population. To me, it’s Orwellian and reminds of tactics the former Soviet Union practiced back in the 20th century.

Where has this insanity come from? Will it end anytime soon? Unfortunately, it won’t as long as the public buys the virus fear-mongering from the government and the media.

What does the Ron Paul homeschool curriculum provide?

The Ron Paul Curriculum (RPC) has been around for nearly seven years, shortly after Dr. Paul retired from Congress. He has emphasized education as a cornerstone to achieving a free society. It’s what made his presidential campaigns different from others: it was more of a culture than a conventional political campaign. 

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It was Dr. Paul’s movement and ideas that made a significant impact on my life. It helped me view the world much differently, and understand the truth behind the real issues the world faces.

Paul has always looked at education as a critical area in changing people’s minds and the best way to address societal issues in the long run. He goes over in more detail about his views on education in his book, The School Revolution.

People involved in RPC

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One of the primary individuals running RPC is Gary North, someone who has written many articles on current events, history, and economics. North has been instrumental in making RPC a success since it launched in 2013. 

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Another person involved in RPC is Tom Woods, who has created nearly 400 videos on history and government since it started (holy smokes- kudos to Tom!). So with a little background out of the way, let’s dive right into what RPC has to offer for you and your children’s needs.

In this review, I will go over some of the highlights that RPC has to offer. There are several things to point out that are noteworthy to consider.

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There are several neat features that RPC offers to families and their students. Some have similar ones to other homeschool programs, but RPC has features that are unique from other programs. These include the following points:

  • Self-taught (go at your own pace)

All of the courses offered at RPC are self-taught, where students can go at their own pace. For parents, they don’t need to teach classes above the 5th grade. After the 5th grade level, students are mostly on their own and can take charge of their learning experience.

  • Courses are in video format

All of the RPC courses are taught through video format, where students can go at their own pace. The curriculum has nearly 10,000 courses that are beneficial for RPC students.

The RPC curriculum covers basic courses (reading, math, phonics, writing), and a dozen courses ranging from history, economics, government, and science.

Though the program is not ideological, they present various perspectives on history and current events. Usually, the instructors will give the “official” version of historical events, and then they’ll show their version of history. So it’s an excellent option to present multiple views on historical perspectives.

  • Student-run online tutorial forums

The curriculum uses student-run forums to engage and help students whenever they get stuck. For students that have passed courses, they can improve their peers when they have questions and need additional help. It’s excellent for peers to interact with each other, and provides a unique learning experience both as a student and teacher.

  • Fair match between lectures and reading assignments (50-50)

There is a 50-50 match between watching the lectures and working on reading assignments. Each course takes around 50 minutes per day. The sessions have four lessons per week, along with a day of review. The purpose is to help students remember the highlights of the material covered.

  • Courses in business, personal finance, and copywriting

Not only does RPC offer courses in academics, but also other topics. There are courses offered in starting an online home business, writing a blog, and starting a youtube channel. Along with that, there are courses on entrepreneurship, public speaking, and understanding the process of copywriting. 

These are subjects that are usually not covered in traditional schooling, but crucial to building your brand (or working on your own). The public school system doesn’t focus much on these topics, but they certainly should. RPC solves some of those issues for their students.


Regarding the cost of the RPC, there are a couple of options available. RPC offers a similar K-12 format, along with the additional courses they teach (business, blogging, copywriting).

  • For a one year membership (with auto-billing), it’ll cost you $250 per year.

  • For a one year membership  (with manual billing), it’ll cost you $350 per year.

All individual courses cost around $50 each. Please note that the costs of the courses are NOT included in the membership packages.

Also, access to the student tutorial forum is free with membership. Students should take advantage of using the forum to ask questions and engage with their fellow peers.

Membership in the RPC comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee for each course. There are about 35 lessons per course, so that was one reason behind the 60-day money-back offer.

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Pros & Cons


  • Self-taught; students go at their own pace
  • No textbooks to buy; learning materials provided via pdf (electronic files) and video format
  • Cost is affordable and inexpensive for a homeschool program
  • A program designed for college-bound courses or running a profitable business (or both)
  • Student tutorial forum is helpful to engage with fellow peers whenever they’re stuck


  • Though it states not to be ideological-driven, the academic portion is biased toward the libertarian philosophy
  • Instructors reportedly not active or engaged in the program whenever students needed help
  • Not for every student- designed for self-disciplined individuals (warning: if your student gets easily distracted and cannot focus, RPC is NOT intended for your student)

Overall Review

Rating: 9/10

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The best highlights of RPC include:

  • Courses on personal finance,
  • Blogging (WordPress)
  • Running a Youtube channel,
  • Starting an online home business

When I first saw that, I was blown away because this material is not taught in public schools.

After reviewing some of their starter courses, I wish I had these courses back in high school. These are courses that should be taught in schools regardless if it’s a public, private, or online type of school.

In the 21st century, students need to learn these skills to have successful careers. This program helps your students prepare for the real world and many life challenges ahead, something that the modern education system fails to address these days.

Although RPC may not be for every student, there are great takeaways in using the curriculum. The student tutorial forum can be an excellent resource for students who may be struggling. As I mentioned earlier, it provides a unique student-teacher learning experience.

RPC cuts out most of the work for parents because:

  • All the courses are structured- with instructors facilitating the videos.
  • Include stated objectives planned for the course.
  • There are no textbooks to buy as the courses are available for free via video and pdf downloads.


RPC has an emphasis on self-learning, teaching practical skills such as personal finance, starting a business, and focuses on college preparation as well.

There is no government plan, or a one size fits all approach for your student. It’s also a better solution compared to what many schools are doing to address COVID-19 concerns. This curriculum is a unique alternative to public education or traditional schooling (i.e., private schools, charter schools). Also, it can help your students enjoy learning and discover their interests.

Additionally, RPC offers a 60-day refund policy if you’re not satisfied with the courses. So no risk within your first two months in the program! If you’re interested, sign up by clicking on below!

What are your thoughts about what schools are doing this upcoming school year?

Do you think RPC is a neat solution to the problems presented in the current education system?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Also, please share this post with others. Sharing is caring!

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