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ROCKET LANGUAGES SPANISH: 2020 Self-Perspective Review

At the time of this writing, a lot of people are staying home. On the bright side, it is an excellent time to learn new skills or expand their skillset. Some things can be learning a new language, which some may find challenging. But with the free time available, there is no better time than now to learn a foreign language. You may want to consider looking at the Rocket Languages Spanish course.

Rocket Languages Spanish

Some people are learning a foreign language traditionally, such as a classroom or one-on-one tutoring. If you find these methods not useful, do you wish there was a better way to learn a foreign language?

Similar to a previous post, I will cover the Spanish level courses in this review. The foreign language program uses different learning styles (visual, audio, kinesthetic) to make it easier to learn a foreign language at home or on the go.

I believe learning a foreign language is an excellent skill to have in expanding your horizons (personal and professional). Whether it’s to help you with career development, or you’re preparing to travel internationally, there are many benefits to speaking a foreign language. 

Thanks to the internet and modern technology, more software programs make it easier to learn a foreign language. There are some good ones and not good software programs out there, but Rocket Languages is neither of these two.

So let’s dive into some details of Rocket Spanish. The following points include:

1.) Rocket Spanish Overview

2.) The Benefits

3.) Additional Resources

4.) Pros & Cons

5.) Rating & My Overall Experience

Rocket Languages Spanish


Rocket Languages Spanish- 1

Rocket Languages was created by Jason Oxenham, who used traditional methods and different software to learn French. He didn’t have much success in retaining the material.

More so, it pushed him to develop a user-friendly program with varying approaches to learning. Oxenham and his co-founder (Mark Ling) started their software 15 years ago, with Rocket Spanish and Rocket French as the first languages offered.

Language Expansion

Over the years, Rocket Languages has expanded to more languages, such as Rocket Russian, Rocket Arabic, Russian Chinese, and even American Sign Language (ASL). So the software has an extensive list of languages for people to check out and expand their knowledge.


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What I like about Rocket Spanish is it’s very user-friendly and hands-on when learning a new language. The lessons include plenty of listening activities, simple grammar lessons, and a nice variety of vocabulary for each style provided.

One benefit is the audio courses instruct you to say the words out loud so that it’s easier to remember. The instructor will say a word, and then you repeat it back. 

Before the next lesson, you’ll reinforce what you learn, and they’ll ask some review questions to test your knowledge. You’ll listen through dialogues between two or more people. Then you’ll answer some questions in the language you are learning.

Additional Resources

Rocket Languages Spanish- 2

There are other resources available to supplement your learning. For example, they have flashcards of words from a particular lesson, which I used a lot as I went into the intermediate.

I wanted to make sure I still remember the basics back when I first started learning the languages I chose. Flashcards are an excellent way for me to learn a foreign language, especially since I’m a visual learner myself.

Pros & Cons


  • Great for beginner or intermediate level learners
  • Great for conversational level speaking
  • Grammar lessons are easy to go through
  • Covers reading, writing, and speaking levels thoroughly


  • Not too entertaining (you’ll learn well, but can be annoying sometimes)
  • Not best for those wanting an advanced-rigorous type training platform
  • Not all languages are available through the software

My Overall Experience

Rating: 9.5/10

I signed up for Rocket Spanish earlier last year, and I enjoy going through the interactive lessons and the support available when I needed it. I’m currently taking Rocket Spanish and Rocket ASL, and I love the lessons as I go through the training modules.

Spanish is a more accessible language since I took it in my middle school and high school years. It’s much easier for me to recall a word I’ve made before.

ASL is one I found fun and challenging at times. It’s taken a while for me to get used to, but I’ve learned quite a bit of ASL while out in public (especially since I know some individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing).


Rocket Language is one of the best software programs to learn a foreign language in a short timeframe. It’s very user-friendly (even their mobile app works well), the lessons are interactive and easy to follow along. I’ve had the benefit of taking ASL lessons during my commutes to work.

Prices are reasonable as well- currently, they have discounts on their different options. A couple of times throughout the year, they do have discount sales to promote their products.

So if you’re signed up to their newsletter, keep an eye out for discounts on the next language course you may be interested in.

Challenge yourself by learning a new language today.

What do you think of Rocket Languages? Do you it’s something you want to try out?

Leave a comment below and please share this post with others.


Rocket Spanish 2

6 thoughts on “ROCKET LANGUAGES SPANISH: 2020 Self-Perspective Review”

  1. This looks like a really interesting program to try out, especially since there is so much extra time now. This looks somewhat similar to the Rosetta Stone program…is it a more advanced version of that? What does it do differently or the same? I see that you highlighted Spanish. While I’m interested in that, I am also wondering what the range of other languages they offer are. Thanks for the post and stay healthy!

    • Thanks, Steve.

      It’s not necessarily a more advanced version of Rosetta Stone. But Rocket Languages uses more straightforward methods to learn a foreign language, and at an affordable price as well.

      The lessons are much easier to go through (for example, using flashcards), and you can go at your own pace. Besides Spanish, they offer 12 other languages to learn as well. Check out their list!

      If you’re taking a free trial of their Spanish courses, I’d love to hear from you. I’m confident you’re going to get much out of it.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts- much appreciated!

  2. It seems pretty good. In your experience, did you learn a lot in a short time and did you retain what you learnt? I’m looking for somewhere to teach my children a couple of languages at an early age. Do you know whether it is suitable for children at all?

    • Thank you, Emma.

      Yes! When I took Spanish a while back, I was able to learn it quickly through Rocket Languages. I went at my own pace, so it was not as overwhelming as I thought it would be. 

      Over time, I did retain all of the basics, but I’ve forgotten some of the advanced material. I hadn’t spoken Spanish in public lately, so that certainly was the case.

      In my experience, Rocket Languages works well for anyone regardless of age. So their software is excellent for children, and maybe your children will love using it! 

      If you end up trying it out, I’d love to hear your feedback at some point. But I hope that helps answer your question.

      Thanks again for sharing your questions.- very much appreciated!

  3. Hello there, thank you for sharing this great article. I have always wished if there was a new and better way of learning a language indeed, and today you have shown it to me. 

    When I was in high school, it was compulsory for us to learn french. Unfortunately, I haven’t learned up today. Things could just get confusing. But this time I think am serious. in fact, let me begin with rocket Spanish.

    • Thank you, Paul. 

      Yes, Rocket Spanish is a great method of learning a new language. Based on my experiences, it’s very self-paced and a unique approach to learning the basics. I found it to be beneficial rather than painful to learn. It’s how I felt while growing up in school (I hear what you’re saying!). So there are neat approaches to learning as I outlined earlier.

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading this post. It’s good to know you’re considering Rocket Spanish. 

      Thanks again for your input- much appreciated!


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