Below is a list of resources I use periodically. I made this page separate because I believe these resources will provide great value to you. If interested, click on any of the links below for more information. Keep in mind, I do not endorse anything that I never used personally, nor do I intend to. When it comes to affiliate discussions, I'll always be transparent and give honest reviews.


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Resources List


Ron Paul Curriculum: This program is by far one of the best homeschool curriculums online. I've taken some of the courses for free, and I've learned a lot. I have an great appreciation of the materials I wasn't exposed to while growing up.

Tom Woods Liberty Classroom: Liberty Classroom is an excellent resource for truthful knowledge on a variety of subjects. Taking these courses will help you be more informed and confident when you’re around other people.

Rocket Languages: One of the best software programs to learn a foreign language in a short timeframe. It’s very user-friendly (even their mobile app works well), the lessons are interactive and easy to follow along.

SkillshareThe top online learning platform on the internet. This learning community is my favorite center to take online courses and increase my skill set.


Bluehost: This service is the one I recommend for web hosting on your blog or website. It is affordable while providing the best quality service for web hosting.


M1 Finance: My favorite investing services out there, especially for beginners. Whether you're investing in the stock market or saving money for retirement (i.e., Individual Retirement Accounts-IRAs), M1 Finance has plenty of options available.

SchiffGold: A financial firm that specializes in precious metals (bullions & physical). Check out their free reports on gold and silver below.

Why Buy Gold Now?

The Powerful Case for Silver


The Peter Schiff Show

The Tom Woods Show

Wealth, Power, and Influence with Jason Stapleton

The Ron Paul Liberty Report 

Time Management

Freedom App: One of the best apps to blocking out distracting apps and websites. You can set timers to block out social media sites, or other distracting websites with this app. Download on your mobile phone and start saving time today.