How The World Is Reacting To The Coronavirus? My Thoughts

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Over the last several weeks, there has been a health outbreak causing concerns around the world. That would be the coronavirus or COVID-19. How the world is reacting to the coronavirus? It’s looking very hysterical in 2020. At this point, it surely is, but it depends on your age and health conditions. But there’s no … Read more

SANEBOX REVIEWS 2021: The Best Email Management Tool?

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Is your email inbox flooded with hundreds of messages every day? Do you check your email multiple times a day? You might be someone who subscribes to dozens of newsletters. But if you’re like me, you don’t have the time to read all of them. If email is an issue, maybe it’s time to take … Read more

Ron Paul In The News: Mises Event 2019

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Though there is not much coverage of Ron Paul in the news lately, he still is popular among individuals such as me.  This past weekend, I had an excellent opportunity to be in Lake Jackson, Texas, to attend a symposium hosted by the Mises Institute. The topic was on state propaganda and the 2020 election, … Read more

How Can You Win The Lottery? Don’t Even Bother!

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*This post contains affiliate links. Please review the full affiliate disclosure for more information.* Have you ever thought about how can you win the lottery? Maybe, but I wouldn’t count on it. You have a very rare chance of winning. But if you do, congratulations! How can you win the lottery? There are many ways … Read more