Is Politics The Answer? Change Yourself, Not Your Government

I used to consider myself a political junkie over the years. I used to write blog posts about politics. I loved feeding the animal, similar to what conservative talk show radio hosts do all day long. But I’ve come to ask myself recently- is politics the answer? Is it the solution to many societal problems? Is it the best way for people to get along and work out their differences?

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Overview & my thoughts

As we move forward to the end of 2020, my world viewpoints have changed in the last two years. I view the world much differently than I did 4-8 years ago. In other words, I don’t view politics as a solution to our problem. 

On a lighter note, I see it more as entertainment or sports (it’s my football to an extent). It’s fun to watch politicians say stupid things come out of their mouths. Or they say they’re for something one day, then flip-flop on an issue the next day.

For the most part, politicians are the most dishonest, disgusting individuals in the world. They’re the equivalent of the following:

  • Snake-oil, shady salespeople.
  • War criminals
  • Doing anything else to destroy humanity and future generations of wealth.

As much as I like to laugh and make fun of them, I despise the smoky back-room deals going on behind closed doors.

On a negative note, I see it as a tool to promote division and hatred throughout society. Using the state to solve societal issues tends to make things worse for the public, not better. I could go into more detail about it. But for the sake of this post, it’s not worth it with politics- not being my cup of tea these days. Especially for the 2020 election right around the corner.

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My thoughts on the 2020 Presidential Election

I tend to stay away from media coverage. But spending time with family recently, there was endless reporting on the elections. All it was about focused on election day 2020, so it was very annoying. For the most part, I try to ignore it and consider it a bunch of noise. If you feel the same way, it’s time to turn off the TV!

In 2020, we have some of the worst candidates going up against each other. Out of all the people who ran in this cycle, we end up choosing between two old farts:

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  • One is a reality star buffoon who has failed to drain the swamp as promised. He may be a great self-promoter of his brand, but he has failed to keep some of his promises from his first campaign in 2016. The current president has done good things, but a lot of bad things. If he’s re-elected, it’ll be more of the same things going on in a second term.

His vice president could end up being president one day. The VP is nothing more of a smooth-talking politician, and he’s beloved by the establishment. So nothing charming or special about him.

Is politics the answer?- Joe Biden
  • The other one is a walking corpse. He looks senile and ready to drop dead at any moment. The guy can’t put complete sentences together at times. Regarding substance, he is the status quo and will keep things the same. He’ll keep doing what he’s done the last 40+ years in Washington DC. Who knows, he may not last a full term if elected.

If that’s the case, his running mate is a terrible choice. Before I’m called a racist and sexist, she has an awful record as a prosecutor/attorney general. Amazingly, her record has not been exposed enough in this election cycle. Instead, she’s treated like a celebrity by the media (which is sickening). It’s possible she can take the oath of office at any moment. Unbelievable, considering she is a vile human being. If their party ticket wins, there will be a lot of damage done under their power.

Unfortunately, third-party or alternative options don’t matter these days. Sadly, they’re excluded from major platforms and the debates. So there’s no point discussing those options.

The solution to political issues: Decentralization

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Based on what I believe in and read upon, the choices we have are horrible. It goes to show that we don’t have the best system in the world anymore. More so, there really is no political solution to our problems.

Instead, the best answer would be to decentralize our system entirely. Or if we want to go further, the US should break up; in other words, allows states to secede from the union. However, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. It would be nice, but it won’t turn out that way in the next four years.

I could go over solutions on how to fix the system. But in this post, I’m going to go over some points about why politics is not the answer. I believe things will get worse in the next decade, and the 2020 election won’t make any difference.

I will wrap up going over what you can do. If there are no political solutions, the system will break down at some point. But there are things you can do to protect yourself and your future ahead.

Is politics the answer?

1.) Nothing major will change

Every 2-4 years, we get an opportunity to vote and throw people out of office. People think that there will be a substantial change, but it doesn’t end up that way. Maybe we’ll get some new people, and a new person occupies the Oval Office. But the policy substance and philosophy of bipartisanship stay the same regardless of who’s in office.

For 2020, there’ll be no difference. Even if the current president is re-elected, it’ll likely be a continuation of the previous four years. If it’s the president’s opponent who takes over, it’ll be “business as usual” in Washington DC politics. Literally, there are few differences between the Democratic and Republican candidates in this election cycle.

Will we have sweeping reforms? Will there be drastic spending cuts? Will there be a major draining of the swamp? Most likely not, it probably will get worse. So I believe things will be far worse, particularly for the middle class and the poor among us. Unfortunately, no one is looking out for the little guys.

2.) Democracy is flawed

On paper, America is supposed to be a representative democracy and a constitutional republic. Unfortunately, it’s not a republic as the founding fathers intended. Maybe more of a democracy, but not in the sense that the people are in charge and take control of their decisions.

Democracy (in layman terms) is nothing more than mob rule by the elite. Living under majority rule has a major consequence, as it ignores the will of the minority (in this case, it’s you, the individual). So the rights and concerns of the minority are taken out of the picture. 

What good does it do to live in a country where it’s divided 50-50 on key issues? Issues such as health care and education are closely divided in the modern era. Most likely, it’ll get worse in the years to come.

Even the founding fathers of America were not in favor of democracy. The idea of a democratic system is tyrannical to a degree. Ignoring the minority certainly brings consequences down the road. 

I could go over in more detail about democracy, but that could be a long essay. The best book I highly recommend on democracy is Hans Hermann-Hope’s book, Democracy, The God That Failed. It’s a great book arguing against democracy in general.

3.) Thanks to the state: Society is more divided and polarized

It’s been a process in recent decades, but society as a whole is more divided on the issues than ever. Though it’s not individuals (or the private marketplace), but it’s been government meddling over the years.

For example, social issues have become more politicized in the last 40-50 years. Particularly in the last 25 years, the government has become more involved. Whether it’s abortion or same-sex marriage, these issues have been brought to national attention. Issues that are better handled locally are no longer the case these days.

When issues are nationalized, more problems are created in society. When that takes place, people will turn against each other rather than place responsibility on their government. Thanks to the state, society becomes more polarized due to government intervention over time.

4.) A looming crisis is emerging: How bad will it be?

As I write this post in 2020, things may look bad right now. But between now and the next decade, I believe a worse crisis is on the horizon. I’m not sure about the specifics or the timing, but it’ll be a bigger financial crisis. Not sure if it’ll be a currency crisis (i.e. the collapse of the US dollar), but it’ll be bad financially around the world.

This coming crisis will be far much worse than the 2008-2009 recession, or the ongoing 2020 recession. It’ll change people’s lives forever, and bring a dramatic reduction in their standard of living. I worry about it a lot, as it’ll make people forget about the current panic of a virus. 

5.) Things will get worse before it gets better

Whatever happens in the aftermath of the 2020 election, none of the major concerns I have will be solved. Even with a looming crisis on the horizon, the next president(s) and set of politicians will not take action until the crisis hits the streets. At this point, panic, fear, and stupidity will set it; therefore, plenty of irrational decisions will be made. It will not make things better, but only make things worse.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t know when the exact timing of the next crisis will take place. It can be months, a year, five years, or 10 years from now, but it will happen eventually. It certainly will take place in my lifetime. My only hope is it won’t end up with endless violence on the streets.

As most people would agree, I’m always for peaceful solutions. But based on when the crisis will hit, a lot of people will react to it violently. So it’s something I’m very concerned about, and likely won’t end well.


What lies ahead in the years to come looks very grim. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture of the country and the world overall. But the main point to takeaway is no major changes will take place after this election. Unless the system breaks down completely, not much is expected to change in the next few years. More government spending and infringement on individual rights to be the case.

What can you do in the meantime?

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So what can you do? Well, you can vote like many people are doing this year. But honestly, will that make any difference? Maybe changing some people will be the case, but the bipartisanship will continue on. Even some of the best people who go into public office end up caving in and following along with the “business as usual” agenda. So they end up abandoning their principles and become part of the problem.

It’s why I choose not to vote anymore. I believe my vote doesn’t matter, as I’ve learned in recent years. I’ve completely lost faith and trust in the system. It’s broken and eventually will collapse. The only question is how will most people react when the day of reckoning comes? It may not be a peaceful outcome, which is a deep concern I have.

At this point in time, has voting helped improve the quality of my life? Honestly, it has NOT for the most part. Maybe materially, but I have not seen a substantial increase in wealth and happiness yet. I’m not any happier nor satisfied as a result of the last several years. This year will end up being the same, so voting has been a waste of time on my part.

Look at yourself in the mirror and say: “I need to change myself first. Instead of being part of the problem, I need to take responsibility for my life. I am responsible for the decisions I’ve made in the past, and I blame no one else but me. The only person that’s holding me back is myself.

Instead of reacting to life, ignore the distractions, and start taking action. Start today on the path to create a better life for you and your family. Focus on improving yourself first before anything else.”

-Eric T. Seil

What else can you do? How can you take control of your situation?

Rather than voting to change your government, it’s best to focus on improving yourself. Of course, there are many things you can do. If you’re concerned about the economy, you can invest your money in commodities and stocks.

Although I’m not a financial advisor myself, I have no expertise in the financial markets. Looking at how the markets are operating these days, there are many risks involved in investing your money. So it’s your responsibility to do your own research in order to make the best decisions possible.

The best thing you can do is invest in yourself. If you’ve been meaning to start a business or a side hustle, there’s no better time than now to get started. It’s crucial that you build on your human capital, and to create additional sources of income.

In the times we live in now, having multiple streams of income comes a long way. You want to be prepared for those “s–t hits the fan” moments in life, as you never know what can happen.

How can you take control of your situation?

One thing I can help you with is starting an online business. I’ve gone down this route for some time and had success with it. It’s a path worth exploring and can change your life for the better.

If you’re interested in what I have to offer, check out this letter on how to get started. It can be the best decision you ever make, and a step in the right direction.

Overall, I’m no longer someone who believes politics is the solution to our problems. Now that I have a better understanding of the world, I no longer want to be part of the problem. It’s why I emphasize that you are part of the problem if you still trust the system we have right now. 

Instead of relying on others to solve big problems, maybe you need to take a step back and say to yourself, “I need to change myself first. Instead of being part of the problem, I need to take responsibility for my life. I am responsible for where I’m at today, and I blame no one else but me. The only person that’s holding me back is myself. From this point on, I will take action instead of reacting to life. I can do better, and I’ll do what it takes to become the person I’m meant to be.”

But that’s my spiel. We’ll see how it unfolds, but it doesn’t look good moving forward. I’ll revisit this post and come back with my thoughts again four years from now.

Until then, I’ll keep writing posts about personal development and improving your life. I’m all about helping others get what they want, and improve the quality of their lives.


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