Is A College Degree Worthless Today?

Is a college degree worthless in the modern economy? Is it still considered the golden ticket into the middle-class lifestyle? For me, I don’t think that’s the case anymore. It indeed has not returned the best return on investment (ROI). For something overpriced (and the tuition costs keep going up), it’s incredible that many college graduates don’t get the best returns. You think that would be the case. But unfortunately, it hasn’t been in many cases.

Is a college degree worthless today?

I’ve been looking around for jobs in the last few months, particularly ones that are remote and flexible to my schedule. I was talking to my mother last week about my job hunt, and she asked, “Honey, why don’t you find a job in your degree? You went to college, remember?”

Is a college degree worthless today?

The moment I heard that question, I was like, “Mother, you’re asking the wrong question.” You see, that was relevant five years ago when I graduated from school. But now, my interests have changed, and I would like to find work that is more fulfilling in life. Plus, I have not had much luck looking for jobs in the degree I earned (criminal justice) lately.


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Is a college degree worthless

I have come to believe that colleges/universities have done a terrible job preparing their students for the workforce (or going out in the real world). Instead, they do a better job making their campuses more attractive; for example, fancy buildings and luxury campus dorms. It surely is a waste of money and time when you add it all up in the end. No wonder why so many college graduates are having trouble finding jobs and paying a mountain load of student debt on their backs.

Do you think college degrees still have merit today? Or do you believe they are pieces of garbage?

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