I Am Not Satisfied With My Life

I Am Not Satisfied With My Life: Gallup poll 2020


In recent years, it looks like things are getting better for main street America. The US economy has boomed in the last couple of years. The stock market has gained new record highs, and the unemployment numbers reached the lowest rate in the previous 50 years. That sounds wonderful, or maybe not? Unfortunately, something looks fishy about these trends. It also contributes to why I am not satisfied with my life. 

I am not satisfied with my life

Based on my recent posts, I don’t picture myself being wholly positive and full of joy. I’ve done a better job at doing it personally; however, when I look at trends and observe the news, the negativity starts to roll in. Watching the news is not something you should do daily because most of the coverage is negative. 

On the other hand, I came across a poll from a couple of weeks ago about American's satisfaction. This poll was conducted by Gallup, which looked at satisfaction levels relating to personal life. Some of the numbers intertwined with how the economy has been in recent years. In this post, I will go over some of the survey numbers, along with my takeaways from the poll. These points include:

1.) Key Survey Numbers

2.) Survey Economic Numbers

3.) Poll A Indication Of Happiness

4.) My Takeaways & Thoughts

I am not satisfied with my life: Gallup survey numbers

The Gallup survey is also known as the “Mood of the Nation” poll (January 2020), found that 9 out of 10 Americans were personally satisfied with their life. The 90% number marked a four-decade high, with the second number being 88% back in 2003. Additionally, the majority of the respondent was delighted with how their personal lives have turned out the past few decades. These factors included family life, education, and the way they spend their leisure time.

I Am Not Satisfied With My Life

I am not satisfied with my life: Groups in Gallup survey

The survey reported that 65% of respondents were “delighted” with their personal lives. Gallup has asked this follow-up question every year, and the recent number marks a two-decade high for the poll. The respondents who scored higher numbers came from high-income households ($100,000 or more ), and are likely to be married. Personal satisfaction levels were lower among low-income groups ($40,000 or less), and unmarried individuals.

I am not satisfied with my life: What does the poll say about the economy?

The Gallup poll results paint a picture of a much-improved economy. It also indicates higher levels of confidence in personal finances. Supposedly the economy has improved the last few years, which may be a primary reason that individual satisfaction levels are high. The poll reported nearly two in three Americans being “very satisfied” with how their lives are going.

I am not satisfied with my life: Content, but how much happier?

I Am Not Satisfied With My Life

The bottom line of the survey indicates that most of the respondents are satisfied with their personal lives. But the study didn’t go into more detailed questions about individual satisfaction levels. The survey concludes it needed more information on the “hows.” It remains yet to be seen if the trends will continue in the 2020s.

I am not satisfied with my life: Other things to consider

The Gallup poll has some impressive numbers, especially with the new highs that were listed. But it doesn’t take into consideration how satisfied the respondents were with their lives. Also, the economy is not doing stellar, as many people may think it is. A further study or a follow-up would have been helpful to look at other factors into the increase in personal satisfaction.

I am not satisfied with my life: Economy looks good, but still weak spots

Although the US economy looks better on paper, it doesn’t mean that the good times are here to last forever. There are problems with inflation slowly rising, along with a much more significant gap between the rich and the poor. The rich are getting more= productive, and the poor are still getting poor. There are even more significant economic problems that aren’t being addressed by the media and government. That comes at no surprise to me.

My thoughts: Are people struggling at the same time?

When I reviewed this poll, I was a little skeptical about the very high numbers of respondent confidence. If the majority of Americans are satisfied with their personal lives, are they still struggling? I imagine some of them may be struggling with financial decisions. That’s why there needs to be more information collected about how satisfied they were. We might have seen a clearer picture of how an ordinary American succeeds in their personal life.

My dissatisfaction with life

This survey reminded me of my struggles over the years. I’m satisfied with where I’m at. When it comes to my wealth and work, I’m always looking to improve myself to make me more valuable to the world. Though I do my best each day, I’m miserable and not satisfied with the present day.

Wrap-Up: My reflections

I Am Not Satisfied With My Life

Ironically, I wasn’t satisfied with how the survey results came out. If many people are happy with their personal lives, why do some still struggle to get by? They haven’t improved themselves to get to a better position. Whether it’s a promotion, growing their business, or some other type of milestone, you have to put the time and effort to get to where you want. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose your destiny. Taking charge of your life means to take responsibility and hold yourself accountable. If you’re like me and not satisfied, take a look at yourself in the mirror. Maybe it’s time to make some changes. It starts with you taking action today.

Do you think the Gallup poll was noteworthy? How satisfied are you with your life?

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