How Can I Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate? What I Did

Have you ever thought about making money through affiliate marketing? Do you think it’s even possible to make a dollar with any type of affiliate program? Well, it’s definitely possible in this day and age. One program that’s worked well for a long time is Wealthy Affiliate. You might ask, “How can I make money with Wealthy Affiliate?” I can tell you right now that I did it not too long ago. It’s what I’m going to share in this post.

How can I make money with Wealthy Affiliate? Well, you can- if I did it myself!

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, WA is one of the best places for affiliate marketing and the make money online niche. In the age of affiliate marketing, there are so many niches that you can pick for your blog/online business. 

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Of course, if you’re struggling to pick a niche for your blog, WA has training specifically for MMO and their own product. I always recommend this training for anybody not sure which niche they want to write about.

How can I make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Here’s one example

About a week ago (April 30, 2020), I did a product review for one of my niche sites. It was on a self-improvement program (i.e. procrastination), and I did a thorough review of the program. I went over its top features, pricing, pros, and cons, and gave it an overall rating. I wrote this product review based on the skills I learned in the WA starter training.

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I made a small commission by following the WA training. I ended up ranking # 2 on the first page of Google after posting this review. If you’re not familiar with search engine rankings, it’s a big deal (especially on Google!). But getting ranked on the first page can help drive traffic (and ultimately conversions). 

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In the training, there’s a big emphasis on understanding search engine optimization (SEO). You’ll learn why it’s important to rank in Google, Bing, and Yahoo if you choose to take part in the starter training. It can certainly pay off in the long-run.

Another day later, I happened to have made a commission off this product review! I was amazed to see how quickly it happened, and it shows that the WA training works well. Here’s a snapshot of the commission via Clickbank.

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Although the commission may not be much, it’s something to start off with. It also shows the potential of what you can do with affiliate marketing. If you know how to drive traffic the right way (with the training), anything can be possible.

Now that was the only time I received a commission, so who knows if I may have earned more than one. Also, what if that was a high-ticket commission? I can’t imagine what the payout would have looked like for me. You can only think about it long enough until your mind gets tired!

What I did after finding out about the commission

After I discovered my ranking and commission, I did something special. No, I didn’t treat myself. But I did take some time to write a “success” post and share it with the WA community.

I figured it would serve as motivation and help others understand what’s possible in affiliate marketing.

The members who commented on my post were excited and happy to see how much I progressed. It made me feel that I was doing something good;  hopefully, I gave others some inspiration on what they can do in their businesses.

Is it possible to make money through WA?

Based on my recent success- of course, you can! In my case, it did take time and effort to make a small commission such as what I showed earlier. I still have a long way to go, but I’m already thinking ahead of what I can do moving forward.

Making money online is possible, but there will always be pros and cons when considering different methods. You can make little money taking online surveys, or a lot of money by investing in business models that promise high returns. But as I mentioned earlier, you’ll likely be spending a lot of money to start out with. If you do go down that route, there are no guarantees you’ll make those high returns as promised.

However, a program such as WA doesn’t require a lot of money, to begin with. But it will take time, effort, and patience to see real results in building out your blog/online business. Believe me, I’ve gone through it before. Fortunately, I’ve seen great results in2 the last couple of months. I continue to push for bigger and better results being part of the WA platform.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine whether you believe making money online is well worth it. But if you have the right mindset, you’ll be far ahead of the game.


We’re living in challenging times right now. The world has already changed for the better and the worse. Who knows what lies ahead in the months and years to come. But I’m optimistic about the long-term outlook. The changes and innovation that will take place- new niches, new industries, and the potential for human flourishing. The possibilities are endless.

However, if you’re not in the best position right now, and want to change for the better, let me help you out.

If you have a desire for financial freedom or want to control your financial future, you’ve come to the right place.

You may want an extra source of income. Or want to work on your own someday. 

Or simply, you want to protect yourself and your family from financial failure.

An irresistible offer to pass on

I can go on and on, but you get my point.

So for a limited time, I encourage you to check out WA and consider their special offer for a premium membership. It’s an excellent way to get started in internet marketing and to build a great source of income.

The best part is you can start today for free. Check it out, and if you sign up before May 11, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to save on a premium account.

Are you ready to make money online? If I can do it, so can you.

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