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GE DIGITAL TIMER REVIEW 2020: Is it one of the best digital timers?

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Are you in need of a simple, easy to use, digital timer? Are you looking around for a timer that’s convenient and quiet when you needed? Would you rather have a timer that can be used for seasonal lighting (or basically all year long)? Some timers can be used indoors and outside of your home. One of them is a GE digital timer; more specifically, I’m going to discuss the GE Plugins Digital Design Plugin Timer JAS15150. 

GE Digital Timer: The GE Plugins Digital Design Plugin Timer JAS15150

The GE seven-day programmable digital timer (JAS15150- a product of GE) is a great way to keep track of your time. It comes in handy to promote the growth of your plants and flowers in your home garden. Most people love to use it for their garden, which adds convenience and encourages productive plant growth. These timers are great for lights or hydroponic systems. 

The GE digital timer (JAS15150) allows you to provide a consistent light, nutrient, and airflow program for your garden. It comes with a battery backup that lasts up to three months (occurs when not plugged into an electrical source). If it needs to be recharged, you can plug it into an electrical source and allow it to charge for 30-45 minutes. Other than that, the timer will stay on schedule even in the event of a power outage.

Along with the basic description of the digital timer, there are plenty of neat features that it comes with. For the remainder of this review, I will go over some of the following key points, including:

1.) GE digital timer best features

2.) Pricing

3.) Pros and cons

4.) Overall rating and review

5.) Where to get your digital timer today

GE Digital Timer

Best Features

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The GE digital timer can be used for indoor and outdoor usages. Whether you want to put it in your kitchen or have it around your garden, the timer is a neat multi-use product. The timer has a handy automated feature where it can turn on or off when it starts to get dark outside. Even when you’re not around, it’ll give your home a beautiful lived-in appearance. Some of the best features of the digital timer include the following:

  • Lamps are automated (great for seasonal lighting, suitable to portable fans)

The seven-day digital timer allows you to automate a lamp through a list of easy preset options. Or, you can customize your settings for each day of the week.

  • Lighting can be turned on and off at different times each day (7-day program schedule)- you get up to 16 per day
  • Compatible with: LED, CFL, incandescent, and halogen light bulbs
  • Comes with one power outlet (not multiple)
  • Electrical ratings are as follows:

            -125VAC 60 HZ 

             -15A General Purpose

             -15A Resistive

              -1250W 10A Tungsten

              -1/2 HP

GE digital timer- 2

The timer's versatility is not limited to lights. It can also be used for portable fans, coffee makers, small appliances, seasonal decor, and other devices. 


GE digital timer- 3

The GE digital timer is a white, gray button timer that comes with nice features. With the timer being used indoors, it can be a good way to make your house look nice. Currently, the price of the timer is $143.98 but is discounted at around $71.99 (at the time of this posting). ETS Charter is offering up to 25% off all its products during the Spring 2020 season. By taking advantage of the deep discount (plus the 25% off spring special), you can save quite a bit of dough. If you’re looking for a convenient timer for your home or garden, this timer might be a good choice.

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Pros & Cons


  • Simple to install and program the unit 
  • Timer settings can be customized- different days of the week
  • A different set of lightbulbs can be used: LED, CFL, incandescent, and halogen light bulbs
  • Automated lighting, ON/OFF buttons, & Daylight Savings Time settings
  • Built-in backup (if problems exist initially)


  • Manual instructions are not fully clear or easy to follow
  • Customers have mentioned shorter battery life (integrated backup helps if this situation comes up)

Overall review

Rating: 8/10

GE digital timer- 4

The GE Plugins Digital Design Plugin Timer JAS15150 is a first-timer to use for every day and seasonal use. It comes with unique features, including automated lighting and built-in backup. Although there have been some complaints about reading the manual instructions, the installation comes out fine after putting the timer together. The battery life might be shorter than intended, but it’s good to know there is a backup that comes along with it. I know someone who uses one of the GE digital timers, and they’re delighted with how it’s looked around their home.

As mentioned earlier, the timer is not meant for outdoor usage only. It can be used for a garden or anywhere around the house. So it's a suitable multi-use digital timer, along with the cool features that I discussed. If you decide to get this GE digital timer, it’s fairly brand new and should work well. Also, it comes with a one-year warranty. So if you’re not satisfied or have problems with it, do not hesitate to return it.

Some Technical Details:

UPC Code 0043180151506
Package Includes GE 15150 Plug-in Digital Timer
Condition Description This product is brand new and sealed.
Model Number 15150
MPN 15150
Warranty 1 Year Warranty



Package Height (inches) 2.75
Package Length (inches) 6.8
Package Width (inches) 4.85
Weight (lbs) 0.6500

Where to get your timer today

So what are you waiting for? For a limited time, you can get up to 25% off your order off a GE digital timer through ETS Charter (my eCommerce site). So if you want to save some dough, take advantage of buying one of these rain jackets at an excellent price. All orders come with free shipping, and customer satisfaction is always prioritized. You don’t want to miss out on a nice deal. 

Check out and purchase a timer today!

What do you think of the GE digital timer? Do you think it would be suitable to have on hand at home?

Leave a comment below and please share this post with others.

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GE Digital Timer








Customer Satisfaction



  • Simple to install and program the unit
  • Timer settings can be customized
  • LED, CFL, incandescent, and halogen light bulbs
  • Automated lighting, ON/OFF buttons, & Daylight Savings Time settings


  • Manual instructions are not fully clear
  • Shorter battery life

4 thoughts on “GE DIGITAL TIMER REVIEW 2020: Is it one of the best digital timers?”

  1. Eric, 

    Thanks you for this GE Digital Timer review. This is exactly the kind of thing I buy and wish I had read reviews on them first. You have given me a good understanding of what to expect before I buy the GE Digital timer. This certainly looks like a good one to get for what I need it for. Thank you. 

    • Of course, Russ. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed reading this review of the digital timer.

      I did the best I can to explain the details of what the timer has to offer, and it looks incredible. It’s excellent value and something worthwhile to have around the house (or as I mentioned earlier, outdoors).

      If you end up getting the GE digital timer, I’d love to hear your feedback. Feel free to contact me later down the road about your experience!

      Thanks for sharing your input- much appreciated!

  2. Hello thank you for this post, I heard my aunty talking about GE digital timer and I decided to check it out, and I must say from the features of this timer, I’ll really need to get one immediately so as to surprise my aunty, because I didn’t pay attention when she was talking about it. Thank You so much for this.

    • Of course, Jomata. I’m glad to hear your aunty likes this kind of digital timer. It’s a nice one for the value it provides, for sure.

      For this time of the year, it makes an excellent gift for Mother’s Day. So it’s a good gift idea if you’re still in limbo about what to get for her (if you get gifts for others besides your mother).

      Thanks for sharing your input- much appreciated!


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