Finding The Purpose Of Work: Boring Or Passion?

Not too long ago, I was talking with a coworker about my plans. She sounded excited about me going in a different direction from the traditional career path. I recalled her saying, “You know, this place is boring. The work isn't fun. I heard that I might be doing more tasks that I don't find enjoyable.” I had thoughts swirling in my mind about finding the purpose of work. I realized my coworker was not doing work that felt meaningful to her.

Finding The Purpose Of Work

That dawned on me because I want to see people do work they enjoy. These days, many people are doing work they find dull (or even despise). Either they had no choice and needed something to pay the bills, or through societal pressure. In other words, they are working at a job that provides benefits and security. 

I think some people believe it's not possible to monetize work they're passionate about. The thing is, they can do so if they set aside time and make an effort. It may take longer, but the long-term rewards are well worth it. When working on your own (self-employed), it's more challenging compared to working for someone else (employer).

Finding The Purpose Of Work: Work You're Good At, But Find Boring

Finding The Purpose of Work

In my last few jobs, I did work that I excelled at over time. These jobs were in production work environments, so I had to meet performance metrics (i.e., good quality and productivity levels). Although I was good at it, the work got very easy and boring. It consisted of a lot of repetitive tasks, and I didn't find it fulfilling. More so, I realized I was miserable and unhappy at the jobs I was doing.

When you do tedious work that's not serving a bigger purpose, some people may question why they're doing jobs they don't enjoy. It's one thing to earn a paycheck while keeping the heat and lights on. But if they're not happy at their jobs, it's something to look into carefully. In my current situation, I question myself and much considered what I want to do next. I know that I'm not doing meaningful work, and I'll have to make a change in a new direction soon.

Finding The Purpose of Work: Work That You Feel Excited About Each Day

Finding The Purpose of Work

Luckily, some people work in jobs (or working on their own) that they love doing. These are the people who jump out of bed each morning and look forward to working on their business ventures. They feel passionate and know they're making a difference in people's lives every day. Additionally, they're willing to learn and take on new challenges, regardless of how hard it may be to achieve. If they stick to these challenges, they become better and might be willing to teach others how to learn a new skill or task.

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In my first full-time job, I was excited and enjoyed the work I was doing. But after some time, I grew weary and found the work unfulfilling; therefore, I moved on. Reflecting on the last few months, I'm doing things that make me energetic and with a better purpose. Whether that's writing a content post, recording a video, or networking with others who support me, I feel more fulfilled than doing tedious work. 

Of course, any work will include tasks that are annoying, boring, and tedious. Some grunt work will be involved in any job. While working on creating content, some administrative work has to get done as well. These tasks include responding to emails, managing accounts, and so forth. But if you're spending more time doing real work (content creation) than admin work, it'll be more fulfilling in the end. I guess it's all about finding the right balance. 

Continue To Learn As An Individual

For those who haven't found their “passion,” the best advice I can give is to continue learning no matter what. I'm not huge on “follow your passion” because I've heard that phrase a billion times already. Whatever you find passion in now may not be so 5-10 years down the road. You might find interest in other industries to excel in life. More so, continue to keep on learning and have an open mind in other areas of interest.

One of the most important things you can do is to keep improving your human capital; in other words, keep investing in yourself. I believe that we, as individuals are capable of doing more than sticking to a mediocre lifestyle. Continue to be a lifelong learner, expanding your knowledge and open your mindset to new things. I've committed to doing that over the last year and will continue to do so. I may not be satisfied all the time, but I'll find myself much happier than I was before.


I understand many people work full-time jobs while setting time for a side hustle. You may be working a day job while working your side hustle at nighttime. I say, keep up with it. The only challenge can be setting the right amount of time aside for another side hustle.

Some days, people feel tired from the day jobs they don't want to do anything else after work. Keep in mind it's all about making small commitments today for a better tomorrow. If you don't enjoy your day job but love your side hustle, make some sacrifices now to build a better future ahead.

For now, I'm glad to be in a position where I can spend more time growing my business ventures. I knew I wanted to invest my time and money in doing meaningful things while helping others as well. Hopefully, more people can spend the bulk of their time doing things that bring them joy and enhance their creativity. Not just for work, but finding the meaning of living a fulfilling life.

Do you believe that pursuing your passion is the way to go? Or do you have a different viewpoint?

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