Word Of The Week: Fickle (October 12-18, 2020)

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Fickle (October 12-18,2020)

It’s time for another word of the week. I like going over these new words, especially for expanding my vocabulary. If you’re a regular reader, you’ve built a foundation of basic vocabulary. So keep building on that foundation. The word this week is fickle.

So another term, along with a quote of the week. In addition, the life principle of the week as well.

Word of the Week: Fickle

  • Fickle – often changing; unstable

Fickle- 1

Quote of the Week

As long as one keeps searching, the answers come. – Joan Baez

Fickle- 2

Life Principle of the Week

Humanitarianism – promotion of human welfare and social reform

Fickle- 3

Fickle certainly means something close to constant changes all the time. I don’t like instability, so fickle sounds like a word close in mind.

Baez’s quote is relatable to anyone starting an online business. Sometimes, you have to try out a bunch of things before you figure out what works or not. Once you find something that works well, there’s your answer. If it works well, keep doing it.

So if you’re working on a business, keep trying new approaches until one works. If it’s PPC campaigns, social media posts, or organic traffic, look into all those options. If one works to grow your business, go down that route.

Humanitarianism is something I believe and resonate in. Although many view it in one meaning, while others view it another. In today’s world, people have political disagreements when it comes to humanitarian aid. But overall, most think of the term as a positive way to endorse humanity.

What do you think of the word for this week? Do you hate having instability? Are you someone who’s searching for ways to scale your business? Are you a humanitarian yourself?

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