Coronavirus Skeptic: Pandemic Is The Health Of The State

Nearly the last three months, the number of coronavirus cases (COVID-19) has grown substantially in the United States. Sure, it’s terrible seeing people get infected (and the number of deaths around the globe). But at this point, the virus is not the biggest threat to humanity. I’m a prominent coronavirus skeptic.

Now don’t get me wrong: the virus is a problem, but more issues have been created as a result of governments responding to the pandemic. In my opinion, the epidemic is a major inconvenience for all of us, but not a crisis. It’s a human-made crisis created by governments to create confusion and mass hysteria among the public.

Coronavirus Skeptic: Pandemics are the health of the state

Unfortunately, there are people in powerful positions (i.e., World Health Organization, government doctors, politicians, etc.) who are using it to control society. These are not conspiracy theories, but undoubtedly inconvenient truths that aren’t being exposed.

Since this virus initially broke out in China, I’ve been concerned with it spreading. But now, it became widespread around the world, even in America. I’m appalled to witness how governments have responded to it, and none of it has been good. 

The federal government’s response hasn’t been great, but the states (and municipalities) have turned off far worse- they’ve gone way behind their authority. In some states, including Illinois, Michigan, and California, the lockdowns have been atrocious and clear violations of civil liberties. Even where I’m at (in Illinois), most parts of the stay-at-home-order have been extended until June. The fact that the lockdowns have gone longer than expected is telling, and it’s only creating more significant problems down the road.

The more significant problems despite the virus

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Such problems include financial, cultural, and mental health issues across the country. The economic fallout is apparent, but it’s also created mental health problems for some people. If it’s staying at home most of the time (and calling a suicide hotline), that shows how more significant issues have come about amidst a lockdown.

What I’ve seen in the last couple of months is behind imaginable: I’m disgusted, shameful, and pissed off about what the state’s response to the pandemic has been like. I’m not surprised by the reaction, but the fact that people had fallen for the fear early on still bothers me to this day. Even I was skeptical to an extent early on; luckily, more people have realized the lockdowns have done more harm than good.

In this post, I will go over a couple of points about how the state benefits from the pandemic. Also, I will give my call to action to encourage individuals to practice civil disobedience (to defy these social distancing guidelines). The following include:

1.) COVID-19 Media Coverage Not Reliable

2.) COVID-19 Lockdowns Similar to  9/11-Police State Tactics

3.) COVID-19 Lockdowns Do More Harm Than Good

4.) My Call To Americans: Practice Civil Disobedience & Defy Ridiculous Stay-At-Home-Orders

Coronavirus skeptic: 

COVID-19 media coverage is not trustworthy

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It may be too early to speculate, but the media coverage of the virus has been so pathetic (but predictable). The stories keep changing about the pandemic, that the numbers aren’t always accurate or make sense. 

As John Lott mentioned in a recent article, the number of reported deaths seems to be out of proportion. Some of these deaths weren’t due to COVID-19 (these people had COVID-19, but died to something unrelated to the virus). No doubt, these numbers are being fudged and inflated, which I’m not surprised. If there’s some secret plan, it’s to drive fear and hysteria among the public.

I think we’re going to see bombshell reports about the virus coming out down the road. It’ll probably report far fewer deaths over time, and that maybe the lockdowns weren’t necessary after all. That’s my call; it remains to be seen. But I fear those reports are going to come to a shock among some people whenever they’re released.

COVID-19 lockdowns similar to 9/11-Police state tactics

Some states have gone too far in the stay-at-home-orders. California and Michigan have received a lot of media attention, but for good reasons. I won’t go over the details, but the stay-at-home orders have nothing to do with public health/safety. It’s more about taking individual freedoms and enforcing a police state in some places.

Even where I’m at in Illinois, the governor says he has complete authority for extending the stay-at-home order to a more extended period.

Even the mayor of Chicago threatened to arrest those who violated social distancing guidelines earlier this month. 

I’m no fan of Illinois politicians (they’re crooks). But I never thought there would be a time where governors and mayors issue draconian orders and threaten their own people. Who do they think they are, King George III? It sends chills down my spine to see what local authorities are doing. It’s more about controlling people than protecting them from some stupid virus.

COVID-19 lockdowns do more harm than good

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I’ve always been skeptical about the lockdowns (and for how long they should be enforced). It seemed that people were willing to go along with it. But shortly afterward, some people went out and demonstrated peaceful protests. Based on what’s going on in these lockdowns, the length has gone way too long. We’re at a point where some people have gotten fed up with the orders. 

On another note, even mental health issues have gone up (with suicide hotlines increasing during this period). With people staying at home more often (some feeling like they can’t go out), it’s one of the unintended consequences that governments have put on their people.

Also, most of the COVID-19 cases happen to be in nursing homes. So you see that it’s impacting more so on older folks who are at risk of the virus. But for everyone else, they’re still required to stay at home during this period (even when they’re not sick). 

My Call To Americans: Practice civil disobedience & defy ridiculous stay-at-home-orders

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there have been peaceful protests taking place across the country. It’s not because of the pandemic, but because individuals are fed up with having their liberties being taken away. In the last few weeks alone, there have been more demonstrations aiming to end the lockdowns in some of these states. Who knows if they’ll be compelling enough, but an excellent way to practice civil disobedience.

Walking Out From A Job- Main

I may be expressing my disappointments and concerns online, but those who are sick of the lockdowns should go out and peacefully protest. There has never been a better time to defy these social distancing guidelines than now and send a message to local politicians that they’ve gone too far. I’m glad to see it happening- it may or may not work, but it’s a great way to express disappointment and tell politicians to stop acting above the law.


Overall, it remains to be seen what will happen moving forward. What’s taken place in some states has already taken a change for the worse. Or in other states, the better if they’ve reopened for business. As much as I’ve been disgusted by what’s going on, I’m a little optimistic that things will need to change sooner than later.

Again, I’m not some conspiracy theorist calling out this virus as a hoax. My main concern is how the state is responding to handling the virus. How they respond now will result in long-term consequences that may be irreversible down the road. Like with any economic or foreign policy intervention, the same rules apply for the state’s response to the pandemic. 

For the most part, it’s not good either way. As Randolph Bourne once titled his famous essay, “War Is The Health Of The State,” we can say that pandemics are the health of the state in today’s manufactured crisis (thanks to governments worldwide).

Are you skeptical about what’s being presented in the news on COVID-19? Do you feel it’s disproportionate with the numbers coming out? Are those protesting making the right choice to show their dissatisfaction with the state?

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