Coronavirus Replications: Important Message- Don’t Panic

I know there’s been plenty of panicking going about the coronavirus. Yes, it continues to spread across the US, and more people are fearful about it getting worse. One example of coronavirus replications is for those infected to spread it on to others. Obviously, we don’t want those who have COVID-19 to pass it on to others.

Stay calm & take care of yourself

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Although people are panicking, it certainly is not the time to keep doing it. If you continue to do so, it’ll have big effects on your immune system. For instance, not eating healthy, going outside for fresh air, or exercising regularly will only make matters worse. Yes, going out might put you at risk, but staying indoors all the time isn’t good for you either. It’s important to stay calm and focus during these turbulent times.

My thoughts

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Yes, I’ll admit I’ve been distracted a bit. But that doesn’t mean I can’t stop working. Or, taking advantage of an excellent opportunity during a time of crisis. For instance, scaling my online business and controlling my sources of income. The way that the economy is behaving these days, it’s more important than ever to take control of your life. It’s time to put yourself in the driver’s seat before it’s too late. Watch my brief video below for more information.

Other thoughts

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Also, I wanted to share an important message about dealing with the coronavirus. I happen to have come across this post through my Facebook account. It’s an excellent read- if you’re very concerned about what’s going on now, check it out.

Please read this whole post for context on the severity of COVID-19, plus some tips for managing the spread.

Ok, I’m tired of all the fearmongering & misinformation on all sides. It’s possible for us to walk & chew gum at the same time.


A) The media establishment–which includes politicians–is overhyping the individual severity of COVID-19, whipping up hysteria, spreading misinformation, and politicizing a crisis, because that is their business model.

They’re all corrupt, self-serving con artists masquerading as public servants. And they’re doing whatever they can to personally profit from tragedy & misfortune.


B) COVID-19 will become a very serious threat if we don’t take it very seriously.

THAT DOESN’T MEAN PANIC. If you panic, you’re more likely to die from the stress (which is terrible for your immune system).

Is it possible that the powers that be are using this as an opportunity to push through universal healthcare or mandatory vaccination or one world government, or some other type of grave conspiracy? Sure.

But that doesn’t change the fact that we all individually need to act quickly to slow the spread of the virus.

COVID-19’s unique danger isn’t in its individual lethality.

It’s the unique combination of 1) how quickly it spreads and 2) how difficult it is to contain.

The greatest danger is that it spreads so fast that our medical system is overwhelmed.

This is basic math.

The US has about 2.8 hospital beds per 1000 people (for South Korea & Japan, that number is more than 12, and China has 4.3).

That means about 1 million total hospital beds in the US.

Most hospitals are usually at about 70% capacity, so that leaves about 300,000 total open beds.

So far, somewhere between 10-15% of COVID-19 cases require hospitalization. As of right now, around 1500 cases have been diagnosed in the US, but that probably drastically underestimates the total number of actual cases, given restrictions on testing. It’s likely north of 3000 already, from what I can tell.

It appears that at current rates, we can expect a doubling of cases EVERY 6 DAYS.

Do the math.

On our current trajectory, hospitals will hit max capacity sometime in early May.

And that doesn’t account for increasing severity in other unrelated conditions due to medical supply shortages and staffing shortages as medical personnel are infected as well.

It’s difficult to overstate how catastrophic the cascading effect of unmitigated spread could be.

Our goal is to spread out the timing of the infections as much as possible–in other words, “flatten the curve”–so that those who are most at risk are able to receive the best possible treatment.

It’s inevitable that a huge percentage of the US population will eventually get the virus. But it’s not inevitable that it needs to be catastrophic.

Again, there’s no need to panic. But it’s time to take some extreme measures to protect our communities.


If we all get super proactive about slowing the spread of the virus, we should be through the worst of it within 2-3 months. These types of coronaviruses survive much better in cold & humid climates, so the arrival of summer should work to our advantage.

Don’t wait till you’re showing symptoms to isolate yourself. The average incubation period for the virus is 5 days, but it can be as long as 14 days.

***To be clear: that means you can be infected and spreading the virus to others while showing no symptoms for UP TO TWO WEEKS***

Avoid large crowds. To the best of your ability, maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other people at all times.

Wash your hands and your food thoroughly and often. Don’t eat out. Minimize trips to the grocery store. Sanitize flat, hard surfaces regularly. Sanitize your phone and keys often. Don’t touch your face.

Do whatever you can to boost your immune system. Stop eating (and drinking) sugar. Cut it out altogether. You can do that for a month or two, believe me.

Drink lots of water. Take lots of vitamin C, elderberry syrup, and zinc. Get as much sunshine and fresh air as you can.

Don’t skimp on your sleep. You should have no higher priority than ensuring you get at least 8 hours every night.

The virus primarily attacks your lungs, so cut back on smoking, whether it’s weed, cigars, or cigarettes.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up. I’m not an expert, but I’m been talking & listening to a ton of them, and I can point you to resources.

Lastly, here’s a formula for a homemade cleaning solution:

Lemon balm essential oil
32oz spray bottle
Distilled water
Mix 26oz of everclear with 6oz of water and 10 drops of essential oil
Spray & wipe dry after 1 min

h/t @TJRicks_TSP on Twitter

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