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Are you looking to start a blog today, but not sure which web hosting service to choose? Do you run a business and don't want to spend a lot of money on hosting for your company website? There are several excellent web hosting services, but the one I’ll recommend today is Bluehost. You may have read some reviews, but this post will be an honest perspective from a user myself.

Bluehost is one of the cheapest, best quality web hosting services for people starting on a small budget, or for those who are beginners in building out websites from scratch. Similar to my last review on Goldmoney, I’ll go over what Bluehost is all about, its best features, pricing, and my overall experience with the web hosting services. Reviews: What is Bluehost? Reviews

Bluehost is a web hosting service that’s been in business for nearly 17 years. Since 2003, they have helped power more than two million websites and continue to support thousands of website owners each day. Bluehost is recommended by WordPress, which is a well-known web design provider that a lot of people use to build fully customized websites. I can attest to using WordPress for my sites, and I enjoy having it as a great platform to build out my websites. Bluehost coming in as a web host provider is an excellent add-on for hosting your domains.

Bluehost Key Features

As mentioned, WordPress recommends Bluehost, where they offer a 1-click WordPress Install plugin. Bluehost and WordPress have a good business relationship. One of their delicate features is they provide you one free domain name for a year. Now it’s not free, but they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you’re not satisfied with the hosting service, you can get a refund within the first 30 days of opening up an account (see pricing section for more information on promotional offer).

Other key features include unlimited domain hosting, so you can get more domain names to add on to your account later on. The dashboard is straightforward and user-friendly to use when managing your websites. Also, web pages are very fast when loading up from page to page while maintaining security as a high priority. Bluehost even has 24/7 customer support available. So if you have any issues, you can call their customer service line or chat with them via their instant message communication tool.

Bluehost Pricing

In regards to pricing, they offer basic, plus, and pro options to choose your web hosting. As you see below, their basic plan starts at 7.99/month. But as you can see, their starting promotional offer for your first year is the only 3.95/month. Their recommended options are the choice plus plan, which starts at $14.99/month (promotional offer for your first year begins at $5.95/month). Their pro option begins at $23.99.month (with a promotional offer for your first year begins at $13.95/month). With the promotional offers being current as of this writing, they’re excellent to choose for your first year of hosting. I ended up going with the choice plus option because I had a few domains that I wanted Bluehost for web hosting, along with saving a little dough in my first year. Reviews: My Overall Experience

I’ve been using Bluehost for nearly six months, and it’s been positive for the most part. I like using their dashboard because it’s super easy to use. In the first year, I’ve used Bluehost, I’m still a beginner at building out websites, so I value it as I establish new skills. The customer support team is terrific to work with. I had a little issue early, and when I contacted them via their chat tool, they handled it timely. They were professional and solved my problem immediately, so I was satisfied with the service I received. So if you consider yourself a beginner with little to no experience with web hosting, Bluehost is the best place to go for hosting your website. 

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