Best Online Homeschooling Programs: The Best Choice

It's the middle of the 2019-2020 school year. Schools will be back in session soon, and back to hitting the books again for students. Though this time of the year is not ideal, it's still an excellent time to think about what is best for a child's education. If you're a parent seeing their student(s) struggle in school, you may be frustrated and want to make some changes. If you're considering homeschooling for your students, are you searching for the best online homeschooling programs? There are many of them out there; however, narrowing it down to one or two can be a challenge.

Best Online Homeschooling Programs: Which One To Consider The Most?

When finding the best online homeschooling programs, you want a curriculum that'll fit your student's needs and interests. You want a curriculum where not only your student learns but will able to apply the knowledge they gained to real life. If you're looking for a self-taught, self-learning education where your child can succeed and discover their passions, look no further than the Ron Paul Curriculum (RPC). See my initial review of Dr. Paul's curriculum.


RPC Overview: Best Online Homeschooling Programs

Best Online Homeschool Curriculum

The RPC curriculum has over 9500 self-taught courses, and students can go at their own pace. After a student gets through the third-grade level, they are mostly on their own taking the classes, with little supervision from their parents and instructors. The curriculum covers the basics (reading, math, phonics, writing), and then a dozen courses ranging from history, economics, science, and advanced mathematics.

The best highlights of RPC includes courses on personal finance, blogging, starting a Youtube channel, and starting an online home business. When I first saw that, it blew me away because this material is not taught in public schools! After reviewing some of their starter courses, I wish I had these courses back in high school. In the 21st century, your students must learn these skills to have successful careers in the years ahead. It helps your students prepare for the real world and many life challenges ahead, something that the modern education system fails to address these days.

RPC Student Testimonials

A few months ago, Dr. Paul did some student testimonials on his Youtube Channel, The Ron Paul Liberty Report. The two students discussed their decisions to choose the RPC curriculum, their current interests, and plans moving forward. Both students said they planned on going to college after finishing RPC. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for college-level education. Additionally, the curriculum teaches students how to start their own businesses.

To watch the interviews, view the links below the two student testimonials.

Student 1

Student 2


RPC is one of the best online homeschooling programs today. The curriculum has an emphasis on self-learning, teaching practical skills such as personal finance, starting a business, and focuses on college preparation as well. It is not ideological; instead, it's common sense, non-partisan, and non-political.

If you're interested, sign up by clicking on the link below!

For a more in-depth review of RPC, check out Dr. Paul's book, The School Revolution: A New Answer For Our Broken Education System, below.

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