Best Online Homeschool Curriculum

Best Online Homeschool Curriculum: The Ron Paul Curriculum

Product: Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum

Price: $250 automatic billing per year; $350 manual payment each year; $50 per individual course

Type of Program: Education

Guarantee: 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee for each course

Rating: 9 out of 10

Are you committed to investing in your child's education? All of us agree that knowledge is essential to preserving a civil society. In the internet age, there are many online curriculums similar to the ones offered in schools. But some online syllabi are even better than what you would get in public and private schools. If you've been looking around, are you trying to find the best online homeschool curriculum? If so, continue reading further.

Best Online Homeschool Curriculum: Which one should you consider?

It's a few months into the academic school year when most people think it's not the best time to change school curriculums. But if you're someone witnessing your child struggling in school, or, you've thought about getting your child out of your public school, it's never too late to make the switch. More parents are turning away from the ineffectiveness of public education. They know that they can find better quality education for their children. Most of them have looked into homeschooling and want to find the best online homeschool curriculum. If you're looking for a self-taught, self-learning education where your child can succeed and discover their passions, look no further than the Ron Paul Curriculum (RPC)

Best Online Homeschool Curriculum: RPC Overview

Best Online Homeschool Curriculum

RPC has been around for nearly seven years, shortly after Dr. Paul retired from Congress. He has emphasized education as a cornerstone to achieving a free society. It's what made his presidential campaigns different from others: it was more of an educational than a conventional political campaign. Paul has always looked at education as a critical area in changing people's minds and the best way to address societal issues in the long run. He goes over in more detail about his views on education in his book, The School Revolution.

People Involved

One of the primary individuals running RPC is Gary North, someone who has written many articles on current events, history, and economics. North has been instrumental in making RPC a success since it launched in 2013. Another person involved in RPC is Tom Woods, who has created nearly 400 videos on history and government since it started (holy smokes- kudos to Tom!). So with a little background out of the way, let's dive right into what RPC has to offer for you and your children's needs.

What RPC Offers

Best Online Homeschool Curriculum

According to the RPC website, the curriculum has over 9500 self-taught courses, and students can go at their own pace. After a student gets through the third-grade level, they are mostly on their own taking the classes, with little supervision from their parents and instructors. The curriculum covers the basics (reading, math, phonics, writing), and then a dozen courses ranging from history, economics, science, and advanced mathematics.

The best highlights of RPC includes courses on personal finance, blogging, starting a Youtube channel, and starting an online home business. When I first saw that, I was blown away because this material is not taught in public schools! After reviewing some of their starter courses, I wish I had these courses back in high school. In the 21st century, your students must learn these skills to have successful careers in the years ahead. It helps your students prepare for the real world and many life challenges ahead, something that the modern education system fails to address these days.


As I mentioned earlier, RPC is a self-taught, self-learning program where your students can go at their own pace. From Kindergarten through the fourth grade, students may need assistance in the courses, similar to a structured classroom environment. But from fourth-grade level and above, most of the material is self-taught. So your child can learn and go through the courses on their own; therefore, they become independent learners as they move up in the curriculum.

RPC cuts out most of the work for parents because:

  • All the courses are structured- with instructors facilitating the videos
  • Include stated objectives planned for the course.
  • There are no textbooks to buy as the courses are available for free via video and pdf download


Best Online Homeschool Curriculum

RPC is by far the best online homeschool curriculum today. The curriculum has an emphasis on self-learning, teaching practical skills such as personal finance, starting a business, and focuses on college preparation as well. It is not ideological; instead, it's common sense, non-partisan, and non-political.

There is no government plan, or a one size fits all approach for your student. This curriculum is a unique alternative to public education or more traditional schooling (i.e., private schools, charter schools). Also, it can help your students enjoy learning and discover their interests.

If you're not sure you want to invest in RPC for your students, you can try some of the courses for free at your leisure. For example, I was able to take the first five courses in the “Business I” section, to get an idea of what to expect. Additionally, RPC offers a 60-day refund policy if you're not satisfied with the courses. So no risk within your first two months in the program!

If you're interested, sign up by clicking on the link below!



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