My 1 Year Anniversary Notes: Being An Online Entrepreneur

Beginning this week, I’ll be doing shorter posts to get some of my thoughts down. It could range from anything including my own life, what’s going on around the world, or some other random topics. What I wanted to briefly mention was some 1 year anniversary notes. It’ll make more sense at the end of the post.

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Is a 1 year anniversary important?

Depending on what the occasion is, an anniversary is a special day for anyone. It can be a wedding anniversary, work-related, and so forth. So it makes sense to do something special or celebrate positively. 

Someone like me wants to celebrate a special day back in the past, so it’s worth remembering it.

September is a big month of anniversaries and birthdays in my family. My parents celebrate their wedding anniversary on September 6th. So for them, it’s another year of marriage together. Birthdays are a common one, but anniversaries of any kind should be welcomed.

1 Year Anniversary Notes- Tablet standing

My start to building an online business

A year ago this month happens to be a special one for me as well. I signed up for a program dedicated to making money online, and it happens to be a legitimate one. Unlike other programs, a place such as Wealthy Affiliate is honest and straightforward in their approaches. This platform is excellent for those who are curious about the path of entrepreneurship.

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It was a brand new journey for me in the digital world. Also, the best opportunities to make money online (and yes, it’s more possible than ever to go down this route, especially in 2020).

Being a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, I’ve come a long way in building a website. I have two websites (this site happens to be one of them), and I’m pleased with the work I’ve done. I still have a long way to go, but I’ve made a lot of progress.

I’ve learned a lot of things in the last year. For example, I now have a better understanding of how SEO works (getting posts ranked in the search engines). Also, writing high-quality content has helped me become a better writer in the long-run. I can’t imagine that I’ll be even better at it later down the road.

1 Year Anniversary Notes- Man with laptop

Wealthy Affiliate anniversary: 15 years and still running

Wealthy Affiliate happens to be going on 15 years in September 2020. They’ve been around for some time, so it’s good that they’re still around as a strong platform. It’s one where people help each other out while giving back and being a pay-it-forward community. I’m glad to be part of an excellent community of entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals.

Wealthy Affiliate: Is it for you?

1 Year Anniversary Notes- Fireworks

As I continue to grow my online businesses, I continue to rely on Wealthy Affiliate for ongoing support and mentorship. The community is what makes this platform unique.

For me, I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon. I will continue to support my fellow members, but more importantly, use Wealthy Affiliate to grow my business to the next levels.

If you think it might be for you, I encourage you to try Wealthy Affiliate to see if it’s the right one. You can open a starter account (no money) and have 7-day free trial access to a premium membership.


Overall, I thought a lot about anniversaries over the past week. The fact that Wealthy Affiliate is going on 15 years this month is mind-blowing. Also, they have some major updates taking place on their network. It’s an exciting time ahead for people such as myself and my fellow members.

If you would like to learn more in-depth about what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, check it out understand what I’m getting to.

Otherwise, there are plenty of happy anniversaries for this month. Now I made it through my first year with Wealthy Affiliate, I’m very much looking forward to the next year ahead. Will you join me on this journey? Make a wise decision today!

Let me ask you: Are you celebrating an anniversary this month? Do you know someone who is celebrating a special occasion?

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