Is A Blog A Business? My Thoughts

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Is a blog a business? Some people think it’s the case, while others maybe not. A couple of months ago, I took an Uber back home one night and talked with the driver. We had a casual conversation, and the driver asked me about my favorite hobbies. When I asked her the same question, she … Read more

Why Staying Positive Is Important: 8 Reasons

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As we continue to move through 2021, I thought I open up about why staying positive is important. What I mean is not forget about reality and be delusional. Instead, think of negative situations in a positive manner. This post contains affiliate links. Please visit the affiliate disclosure page for more information. For instance, I … Read more

How To Deal With Negative Coworkers: Best Tips

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In the last few years, I’ve encountered situations where people complain about work. Negativity on the job can be harmful and affect the way you work daily. Regarding how to deal with negative coworkers, it’s not the most comfortable topic to discuss. The ways you handle them can help, but you can do it the … Read more

Can You Make 20000 Dollars Fast? A Case Study

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Have you ever thought about an idea to make 20000 dollars fast? That’s right: a freaking $20,000 dollars! Is that even possible? Let me ask you a thoughtful question to consider:  Would you be happy making $20 an hour doing a regular, 9-5 job?            OR Would you be ecstatic about … Read more